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Robert Juliat Cyrano for Quanta Hall, Taiwan

Robert Juliat Cyrano for Quanta Hall, Taiwan
Robert Juliat Cyrano for Quanta Hall, Taiwan

Taiwan – Quanta Art Foundation has recently installed two Robert Juliat Cyrano 2500W HMI followspots into the Quanta Hall at Hwaya Technology Park in Guishan Township, in Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Personally designed by Quanta Computer chairman, Barry Lam, and built by Taiwan master architect, Kris Yao, Quanta Hall embodies an excellent blend of technology and art; it’s creation was based on the “Trans-Art concepts” promoted by the Quanta Art Foundation.

Adorned with simplistic yet elegant Chinese carved wood seals, Quanta Hall has served as a medium-sized theatre and multi-functional exhibition centre since its opening on April 21, 2009. The 1,000 square metres hall with 576 burnt sienna seats is used as a venue for a wide array of performing arts through the year.

With the help of Taiwan distributor DLHG Co. Ltd., two Robert Juliat Cyrano followspots found their new home in this sophisticated hall and have been installed in the followspot room located on the second floor.

The stage manager of Quanta Hall commented: "The Cyranos are much brighter than the previous followspots!" When he was excitedly testing the new 2500W HMI followspots. Cyrano features a 3°-8° beam angle, making it ideal for long throw venues and theatrical applications.

Cyrano features excellent dimming ability, and provides a flat beam with its unique dimmer shutter and 100% closing iris within a removable cassette. "This is more than I had expected," said the stage manager who was impressed by Cyrano’s glass progressive frost filter, dark blue dichroic filter and gobo holder, which offers a variety of visual effect possibilities.

Its easy-to-balance counterweight provides a steady movement: "It’s not too heavy, and has good balancing as well," the stage manager added while the followspot gracefully coasted its smooth flat beam across the stage. “Cyrano is easy to use, the fast-locking focus handle allows us to change the beam size quickly, and the heavy duty angled yoke is adjustable for precise tilt movement.”

With its greater power output, superb dimming ability, silent cooling fan, frost, filter and gobo projection, stage manager Tsai was totally satisfied with the Cyrano and announced that these fixtures are ready to be used in the upcoming shows.

photos: DLHG.Co,.Ltd

2nd October 2018

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