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The Sound of Silence in Amsterdam

The Sound of Silence in Amsterdam
The Sound of Silence in Amsterdam

The Netherlands – There’s a roar of excitement coming from the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and it all has to do with its installation of quiet High End Systems SolaFrame Theatre LED fixtures.

The historic venue installed eight of the silent, fanless fixtures, customised in an off white colour to blend in just below the ceiling, in its Main Hall (Grote Zaal). The venue uses them to generate general front light for orchestras, as well as specials for soloists, and for shining on private events such as receptions and dinners held in the hall.

Head of lighting, Alfons Hutschemaekers, says a lighting designer friend saw the SolaFrame Theatre fixture at a trade show and urged him to check it out. “The fact that the fixture is silent when it does not move is our first priority,” he notes.

After a demo at the AED Group, he says, the SolaFrame Theatre more than met their needs for quiet operation as well as useful effects such as a full shutter system, colour mixing, rotating and fixed gobos, iris, frost, prism and more.

“It generates high output and has enough features on board to satisfy our wishes,” he adds. “We have a 20-metre throw distance to the stage, so we are happy with the 7-42 degree zoom range,” says Hutschemaekers.

Hutschemaekers and his team installed the fixtures themselves, citing “no problems at all” with the HES fixtures since the eight units were put into play (four were installed a year ago and the rest six months later).

“Imagine, for the first time in the almost 130 year-old history of the Royal Concertgebouw building, we can use a silent, remote control high output fixture to light the stage,” he enthuses. “We are excited! We get positive comments from all our guest LDs and operators, too.”

photos: Het Concertgebouw, Jop Starmans

12th October 2018

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