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Zero 88 at LDI 2018

Zero 88 at LDI 2018

USA – Leading UK lighting control manufacturer Zero 88 will have a strong presence at the 2018 LDI expo in Las Vegas, for the first time in several years, following on from the enormous success and buzz of its FLX range of lighting consoles, first launched in 2015.

Zero 88 Product specialist Jon Hole, commented: “LDI is well known for the high-quality of its visitors which includes a big percentage of lighting designers, directors and programmers. In addition to all those from North America, Canada and Latin America, we are also expecting to see people from Asia and the Pan Pacific regions. It should be an excellent chance for us to get the brand and products in front of new contacts and a completely different audience.”

An international Zero 88 product specialist team will be demonstrating the FLX and FLX S ranges of powerful and intuitive lighting desks on Booth 962 (co-exhibiting alongside Lehigh Electric Products Company), and there will also be the chance for visitors to win an FLX S24.

The original Zero 88 FLX console was designed after extensive research to give users working in all sectors: theatre, television and all types of live shows and events more time to be imaginative, inventive and efficient.

Offering up to 8,192 freely assignable control channels with no fixture patch limitations and supported by four rotary encoders, there are 24 dedicated playback faders (with ten pages) and four UDKs (User Definable Keys).

With a clean, straightforwarduser interface, tools like Patch Wizard and Auto Palettes consolidate all the prep work, leaving LDs, programmers and operators free to work faster and more harmoniously in creating their shows.

The simple yet sophisticated philosophy of FLX enables operators of all backgrounds and experience levels to instantly feel comfortable due to familiar industry standard syntax and intuitive fader-per-channel intensity control.

Straightforward three-step programming, what, how and where you want it, streamlines time and the operational process.

Functions like True Colors made color mixing extremely easy even when working with fixtures that color-mix using different methods; the software does all the clever calculations, so all the fixtures respond correctly and accordingly.

A prominent integral7” touch screen is used to select and adjust colors in a multitude of time saving ways including additive, subtractive and HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value/Brightness).

Tools like ‘Mood Boards by LEE Filters’ and cool, multi-touch image capture technology can free up yet more time to craft a great show. In often pressured situations seconds and minutes count!

Two-and-a-half years after the launch of the FLX, the Zero 88 team produced FLX S24 and FLX S48 consoles as a perfect solution for small-to-medium shows and events which have a few moving lights and a selection of LED fixtures.

FLX S24 is a new console that runs up to 48 LED, moving lights and conventional fixtures and is easy to learn and straightforward to use, delivering huge flexibility and multiple features at an affordable price.

FLX S48, also new, has double the power of FLX S24, offering intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output for quick access to palettes and show overview. The quantity of available playbacks, groups and palettes are all also doubled.

Both FLX S24 and S48 are ultimately portable, powerful controllers with a small footprint and free apps available for wireless monitoring of the lighting rig, and support for a range of networking accessories.

Built-in tools for the entire FLX series include the award-winning “RigSync”, helpful step-by-step “Guidance”, and the above mentioned “Auto Palettes” to assist with the prep work.

Colors can be quickly and accurately selected and applied via the multi-touch Colour and Image Picker or the encoder wheels or by selecting colors contained within “Mood Boards by LEE Filters”.

RigSync is an inventive time-saving feature created by Zero 88 within the latest version of their ZerOS console software, which keeps the console synchronised with the lighting rig. It demystifies the complexities of DMX without the need to understand or think too hard about patching, again allowing console users more time to focus on being imaginative while the technical elements sort themselves out automatically via the console communicating with the lighting rig.

Visitors to the booth can win a FLX S24 by going to the stand for a demo of the FLX range and then giving the team a business card or contact details to be entered into the competition.

12th October 2018

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