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Peitsman Goes Mega

Peitsman Goes Mega

The Netherlands – Hans Peitsman is not generally a man who does things by halves, unless the half precedes “a million euros” of course, which is approximately how much he has recently invested in new Robe lighting fixtures.

It is a substantial spend for the successful Rotterdam-based rental operation Peitsman Licht en Geluid (Peitsman Lighting & Sound), which has been ploughed into 36 MegaPointes, 48 LEDBeam 150s and 48 Spiiders.

These are added to other Robe items in rental stock including miniPointes and LEDWash 600+s, and it follows previous purchases of LEDWash 300s, MMX Spots, DLF Washes and DLX Spots.

The designed-for-theatre DL range fixtures were the first in Benelux when he acquired them in 2012, and they went straight out tour with ‘Percossa’ tour a high-energy percussion ensemble merging circus with rock concert performance, which was visiting a series of venues in France at the time where they were challenged for power.

Hans is extremely proud to report that the tour is still out, and that the DLs are still going strong.

Peitsman Licht en Geluid was founded in 1994 and now has 25 full time employees. They moved into their current premises three years ago and supply premium full technical production packages (lights, sound, video, staging, rigging and trucking) to a dynamic mix of live shows and events, B2B and corporate clients, theatre and television productions, parties and public entertainments.

They also look after some venues and event spaces as the technical facilities supplier, including the famous Cornelis Bar & Kitchen in Rotterdam which features a grid of Robe Spikes and LEDBeam 150s above the DJ booth which are on long term rental.

Hans had been waiting for Robe to come up with exactly the right products to complement their inventory before making his next big investment and this arrived with the MegaPointe and LEDBeam 150 both launched last year.

“The MegaPointes were a complete ‘no-brainer’ of a decision, especially for festivals and dance events,” he stated, and before them, the LEDWash 600+ purchase was motivated by the same thinking, but more specifically for theatrical style productions.

It was the MegaPointe’s size-to-features ratio and Robe’s commitment to producing smaller, lighting and brighter fixtures for some years now, that really impressed him and has kept him loyal to the brand, together with the superlative service from Robe’s Benelux distributor, Controllux.

With B2B projects and top-end industrials making up a large proportion of Peitsman’s work, small lights are essential for hotel-based conferences that typically follow the format of a daytime plenary session with an evening of entertainment, complete with band / DJ. These are usually staged in spaces and rooms where fixtures need to be unobtrusive and easily rigged.

That’s why they love the miniPointes and the LEDBeam 150s which are out “all the time” he states.

For the larger venues and for dance events, these same luminaires are equally useful for positioning around – and near – the DJ booth.

Peitsman has also worked on a few Awards shows with large LED screen surfaces on stage, and their miniPointes have held their own without a problem and with all these great experiences, they were looking for a new generation profile, and along came the MegaPointe.

Hans explained that the philosophy of aligning with premium technologies including Adamson on the audio side, is to make their “next step” across the industry and take the company to a new level.

Apart from that, he echoes the fact that MegaPointes are currently: “Rider friendly and being constantly requested,” and that the thought-process is paying off in terms of enabling them to quote for larger and higher profile projects meeting contemporary designer specifications.

Hans feels that all the Robe product ranges have moved into a new league in the last five years and is looking forward to what’s up next on the R&D drawing board!

photo: Louise Stickland

27th November 2018

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