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Movecat VMB-S 250-0.8-24 Band Hoist

Movecat VMB-S 250-0.8-24 Band Hoist

The Movecat VMB-S 250-0.8-24 band hoist weighs only over 100kg and is designed for working loads of up to 250kg, which it moves at speeds ranging from 0 ("true zero speed") to 0.8 m/sec over vertical distances of up to 24 metres using a maintenance-free precision steel band.

Thanks to a flexible radial feed, the steel band can be drawn in through angles of +/- 45°, emitting very little noise (nominal 50dBa/1 m) in the process. The use of steel bands in kinetic systems allows exact positioning, very smooth movement and low operating noise regardless of the speed of the run.

For applications in particular where the load line needs to be virtually invisible, Movecat‘s thin 0.4mm steel band is recommended.

The hoist can be integrated effortlessly into Movecat‘s IMotion network via the V-Motion 40E or 55E by means of a user-friendly, "plug and lift" procedure. The VMB-S 250- 0.8-24 corresponds to DGUV V17/18 (BGV C1) and is intended for SIL 3 applications.

20th February 2018

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