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Triple E manufacturers and supplies Tab & Twin Hooks

Triple E manufacturers and supplies Tab & Twin Hooks

Track specialist Triple E has stepped into the breech born of Hall Stage’s demise by supplying Tab Hooks & Twin Hooks to the theatre industry, acquiring the original tooling and improving the hooks’ strength and durability in the process.

Triple E brand Tab Hooks & Twin Hooks are compatible with its own runners, existing Hall Stage systems and many other track ranges.

The company is currently considering other innovative solutions to fill the void left by Hall Stage.

Triple E managing director, David Edelstein, comments: “Customers asked us to take these products on. They’re now British made, it’s a proven design that lasts and with rebranded tooling we have given the hooks a greater degree of elasticity to withstand inevitable knocks and rough handling.”

Launched in 1984, Triple E supplies the entertainment industry with standard and bespoke track systems including UniTrack, UniBeam, ChainBeam, ChainTrack, Erail, UniCyc and 2Way, each providing for a different requirement in the marketplace.

Triple E is also the exclusive European distributor for revolutionary ‘universal construction system’ ModTruss, custom structures designed and built by its in-house engineering team.

21st February 2018

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