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Ayrton Celebrates the Winds of Change

Ayrton Celebrates the Winds of Change

France – Inspirational French LED lighting manufacturer, Ayrton, celebrated the winds of change last week with new headquarters and a growing product line.

The masters of LED lighting innovation moved headquarters to a new, independent 1,350 square metre space in Villebon-Sur-Yvette in south-west Paris. The new premises include a brand new lobby, more office space, a warehouse, meeting rooms and a permanent 220 square metre showroom.

A distributor day inducting Ayrton’s broad international dealership preceded the official inauguration, which took place on Thursday 8th March 2018. Over 200 guests attended the grand opening event and were treated to a tour of the new premises, a cocktail dinner, and previews of Ayrton’s new light show which will be revealed to the public in its full glory at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt next month.

The star of the evening’s celebrations was the new showroom, available to all distributors and clients, which has been designed to facilitate the demonstration of the full portfolio of Ayrton’s unique LED fixtures.

“The showroom is the perfect setting in which to demonstrate units to clients,” says Glyn O’Donoghue, managing director of exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions Ltd. “There are over 200 fixtures in the rig with all Ayrton products represented. It will be a valuable resource where we can bring our clients to visit the company in Paris, show them the products in a ‘real’ setting, and spend quality time with them.”

Erik Guertin, international sales manager with Ayrton’s Canadian distributor, Theatrixx Technologies, was equally impressed: “Ayrton’s light show at Prolight+Sound is always something to behold. The level of programming and the way in which it illustrates what Ayrton fixtures are capable of is unparalleled. Having an installation of the same calibre in a permanent showroom with year-round access means we don’t have to wait until the next big trade show to see – or show – the products in action. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

Ayrton chose the grand opening celebration to officially launch Mistral-TC. Mistral-TC is the next in line of Ayrton’s new range of fixtures which signifies a new era in the company’s development as it focuses on a sensational new range of LED spot and wash light fixtures.

Mistral-TC is an extremely versatile 300W white LED source spot, feature-rich and incredibly small, which shares a form-factor with its compact sibling Merak. Designed for applications requiring perfect colour reproduction, Mistral-TC once again pushes the boundaries of technology with an entirely new white LED module, calibrated at 7000K, with CRI greater than 90 and extremely high TM30 readings, an output of over 14,000 lumens, and an incredible 7° - 53° beam spread with perfect image resolution at all angles.

Mistral-TC’s feature-rich system offers CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and a six-position complementary colour wheel. The effects section includes seven indexable rotating gobos and nine fixed gobos, a continuous graphic animation effects wheel, 15-blade iris, a five-facet indexable rotating prism, and a soft-edge frost filter. Heat is dissipated by Ayrton’s unique liquid cooling system with silent ventilation mode for studio and theatre applications.

Powerful, fast, precise, versatile and intuitive, Mistral-TC offers unrivalled performance in its category with nothing of its size, weight, brightness and number of functions on the market.

Mistral-TC’s name follows the trend of Ayrton’s new range of fixtures referencing both the name of a North African desert wind and one of the hottest performance cars on the planet. “It is no coincidence that the new fixtures are so named,” says global sales director, Michael Althaus. “The winds of change are blowing through Ayrton even as we continue to lead the way in performance and quality with our LED automated luminaires.

“Ayrton’s reputation was made with Yvan’s stunningly original designs which combined true innovation with the best build-quality when we introduced the Magic, Dream and IntelliPix ranges of creative solutions. Ayrton has always prided itself on its ability to lead the field – now Yvan is turning his genius to an unparalleled range of no-compromise LED spot and wash fixtures – a combination which is beautifully embodied in Ghibli and Mistral, and focusing on Ayrton quality and innovation underneath the covers!”

Ayrton’s new range offers improvements to optical efficiency, unparalleled colour rendition, huge versatility and a new concept in compactness that pushes miniaturisation to its limit. Sleek industrial lines take full advantage of the latest technology and deliver superior manufacturing quality. The result is a competitive range of professional lighting tools that simultaneously complement and go beyond the fixtures of the past 15 years.

“Ayrton’s focus has shifted, but the integrity, creativity and ingenuity remains the same,” comments CEO Chris Ferrante. “It was good to celebrate this with our partners, distributors and clients at the opening celebrations, and to see their excitement and enthusiasm for the journey as Ayrton continues to lead the way in LED fixture design.”

Ayrton’s new contact details are now as follows:

2 Rue Vitruve

91140 Villebon-Sur-Yvette


Tel: +33(0) 1 83 75 12 00

Fax: +33(0) 1 85 74 59 59

Ayrton Celebrates the Winds of ChangeAyrton Celebrates the Winds of Change

21st March 2018

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