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Milos ensures the show will go on

Milos ensures the show will go on

Germany – Area Four Industries Germany recently provided a temporary Milos support structure for the well-known Palazzo Dinner Show that’s held in cities around Germany each year. The dinner show takes place under a massive tent and is described as a place where masterful culinary art meets award-winning acrobatics, humour and suspenseful tight rope acts from international artists.

The Palazzo Dinner Show was established in 1998 and has fascinated attendees with its gastronomical delights and exciting performances for two decades. Cities where the show can be seen include Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Graz, Wien and Nürnberg. The show is so massive that a whopping 14 trucks are needed to transport all of the equipment!

For this season’s show in Nürnberg, Palazzo needed a strong and safe structure that would fit under the tent and provide support the trapeze act. After contacting various truss manufacturers, they decided upon Milos. Milos (distributed by Area Four Industries Germany) was able to provide the structure within the extremely short six week deadline they had given, which included conclusion of all agreements with the venue and tent engineers.

The Milos structure was built using Milos M290 HD QTV truss (48/3mm), was 13 metres in diameter and was designed to fit precisely under the Palazzo tent. It had a total of 14 corners, making the shape of a tetradecagon, and rested on a steel base.

The centre peak of the structure was made from truss segments that extended from every other corner of the structure and were attached to a seven-way cross piece. This cross piece was used as support for the trapeze and safely supported the weight of the trapeze artists.

The sheer versatility and extreme safety Milos provides its customers around the world were demonstrated once again with the strong and safe support they provided to the unique Palazzo dinner show.

2nd March 2018

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