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Barco introduces budget-friendly modular LCD video wall

Barco introduces budget-friendly modular LCD video wall

Barco is launching a new tiled LCD video wall. The OverView KVD5521B is a price-competitive tiled LCD system for video wall applications, destined to further strengthen the company's position in the LCD video wall market. Compatible with any VESA mounting structure, it presents some of the benefits recently introduced in the award-winning Barco UniSee platform. These include a modular structure for easy maintenance, noiseless operation, automatic colour and brightness calibration, and the option of operating the power supply remotely.

  • Modular approach for easy servicing and shorter interventions

  • Fanless solution for noiseless applications

  • Superb inter-tile colour and brightness calibration, thanks to integrated sensors in the back for automatic and real-time colour and brightness calibration, following the Sense X algorithm

  • 500 nits brightness, with a 3.5mm bezel

  • User-friendly video wall setup and control interface via the LCD connect box

  • Optional five year service packages

  • Suitable for 24/7 operations and mission critical applications, also thanks to the  remote redundant power supply option

  • Clear and clean DOA procedure

The OverView KVD5521B is an improved and optimized version of Barco's 55" LCD video wall (KVD5521). The complete video wall produces a perfectly balanced image at all times, thanks to Sense X − Barco’s automatic, continuous and real-time colour and brightness calibration system. The absence of cooling fans not only minimizes noise, but also means that no moving parts are used (which are susceptible to wear and have a limited lifetime). Plus, the introduction of DisplayPort V1.2, which enables feeding 4 displays in loop-through with 4K at 60Hz content, is very important for easy connection with a limited number of cables.

To guarantee optimal uptime, the new video wall has a number of features to both prevent downtime and speed up servicing. The input boards and power supplies can be quickly removed from the display to be easily maintained or replaced. The use of LCD Connect makes it much easier to control the video wall, further enhancing user-friendliness.

“After having launched the award-winning Barco UniSee at the end of last year, Barco is taking a new step in transforming the LCD video wall market and expanding our portfolio,” says Chris Sluys, VP operator experience at Barco. “The modularity of a number of key components for easier servicing, more user-friendly control, and the possibility to introduce an external power supply to further guarantee uptime, all contribute to the system’s uptime and low cost of ownership. Barco’s service CarePacks offering ensures that the LCD video wall receives the best care for worry-free operation. As such, Barco evolves into a one-stop-shop supplier with an extended portfolio of LCD and rear-projection based video walls (for both mission-critical, high and mid end segment applications), and connectivity and workflow solutions.”

The OverView KVD551B is available worldwide as of April 2018.

12th April 2018

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