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DiGiCo releases 32-bit DAC – The ultimate ‘Stadius’ D-A Converter

DiGiCo releases 32-bit DAC – The ultimate ‘Stadius’ D-A Converter

Germany - Following the huge success of the 32-bit 'John Stadius' Mic Pre-Amp, ProLight + Sound 2018 will see DiGiCo reveal the ultimate ‘Stadius’ D-A Converter; the 32-bit DAC.

The 32-bit Mic Pre-Amp has been put through its paces on world-class productions over the past year, including Coldplay’s summer tour, Clair Global and Spectrum Sound in Nashville

“The SD7 is the hub of our whole audio setup,” says Coldplay’s front of house engineer and co-producer, Daniel Green “Now, the 32-bit mic preamp card, DiGiCo has really raised the bar in audio quality.”

“I'm exceptionally happy to be able to offer the DiGiCo 32-it Mic Pre-Amp, the newest generation of preamp available on the market,” adds Toni Scherrer, AudioRent Clair AG CEO.

“Combining the SD12 with the new 32-bit Mic Pre-Amp is a real winner,” says Live Sound Accounts manager at Nashville-based Spectrum Sound, Bobby George.

Following in the 32-bit Mic Pre-Amp’s footsteps, DiGiCo has taken the same proven design philosophy – testing, tweaking and listening to its analogue topology – to refine the science behind the sound and define the specifications of the ultimate ‘Stadius’ 32-bit DAC, which include:

  • Dedicated analogue, ultra-low noise linear power supplies
  • Lightening quick conversion time; 104µs
  • Maximised performance operational amplifiers
  • As close to silent as we can get; -100dBA noise
  • Dynamic punch and increased audio depth; Dynamic range of 122dBA
  • Pure transparency of audio; 20-22kHz <0.0008% THD+N @0dBFS
  • Class leading frequency response; 20-44.5kHz ±0.15dB
  • “MUSE” acoustic series blocking capacitors
  • Revolutionary “capacitor damping” removing any unwanted vibration pickup
  • Fully shielded analogue stage
  • Improved metal XLR design with “continuous circumferential ground contact”

“The reaction to the 32-bit Mic Pre-Amp has been astonishing, which is why we decided to launch an output version,” says DiGiCo MD James Gordon. “Adding the 32-bit DAC means both input and output can now be 32-bit, further maintaining our position as the benchmark of audio quality in the live environment.”

The 32-bit DAC will be available from late April

11th April 2018

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