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New MDG Me1g fog generator disappearing fast after launch at Prolight+Sound 2018

New MDG Me1g fog generator disappearing fast after launch at Prolight+Sound 2018

Germany – MDG launched its new Me1g glycol-based fog generator at Prolight + Sound 2018. Me1g is the first full-scale glycol-based fog generator to be produced by the company and has been created to deliver fast-dissipating fog effects on demand. “For a company that is renowned for having the longest hang-time for its haze effects, we find it rather amusing that we are now producing a complete alternative with a fast-dissipating fog generator,” says CEO Martin Michaud.

An exciting development in MDG’s Me Series, Me1g is a glycol-based version of the highly successful Me1 fog generator. Sharing its size and form factor with its oil-based sibling, Me1g has a single nozzle and 0-100% DMX/RDM control for perfect, powerful output, but with the benefit of using any of MDG’s glycol-based fluids.

The new Me1g has been developed in response to demand from clients who wanted a fog that would disappear in approximately 30 seconds; for example, for dramatic or special effects such as the sudden appearance or disappearance of a performer on stage, yet still be able to use a product with the quality and reliability of MDG.

“This is the first time this kind of effect has been possible with MDG products,” says Michaud. “Our customers – and not only those who already specify MDG – wanted a new effect in the same range and quality as MDG. Now we have created that for them and the feedback we have is very good.” Judging from the response to the new product at the show, the fog is not the only thing that is disappearing fast as the Me1g production line is already hard at work!

Amid the full range of Me Series fog generators, the ICE FOG COMPACK and the ICE FOG Q low fog generators that were on display on the stand was the award-winning theONE atmosphere generator. “Time and again theONE proves to be a crowd-pleasing product,” says Michaud. “Despite it being around for a number of years now, there are always new clients who have yet to see it in action. This year was no exception as many had their first opportunity to play with it, ask questions and really get to grips with the concept of the dual generator and how it works.”

TheONE is a fully digital atmospheric generator with revolutionary technology that allows the creation of fog and haze effects from the same generator. Its construction and features make it the perfect generator for rental houses and international touring.

“It is always satisfying to show customers how theONE’s design makes it specifically adept for the rigours of touring,” says Michaud. “They are surprised to see how compact and easy to handle it is, and how practical for transportation. Everything from the generator to the gas bottle and the 20l fluid bottle is housed in a riggable cradle which can be rolled into place or flown from the rig. They can see how easy it is to have autonomous control over both fog and haze output, and why theONE is the complete package – in one package!”

Last but not least, the WPE Series – IP55-rated weather and dust-resistant versions of the extremely popular Me1 and Me2 fog generators – was on show, providing the ideal solution for theme parks, outdoor laser shows and the enormous number of outdoor festivals around the world. “The interest continues to come largely from rental companies who need to supply all kinds of outdoor events and want the security of a weather-resistant generator with solid construction and reliable performance. The WPE versions provide exactly the same effects and control as the standard Me Series versions, but without the need to recourse to temporary and insubstantial methods of weatherproofing,” concludes Michaud.

30th April 2018

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