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Tomcat presents Nemesis at Prolight + Sound 2018

Tomcat presents Nemesis at Prolight + Sound 2018

Germany – Tomcat showed its claws at Prolight + Sound this year with the display of the innovative Nemesis pre-rig truss, the arch-enemy of all pre-rig truss competitors.

What makes Nemesis pre-rig truss so special is its side-loading design that features a leg stand option, which allows one person to load fixtures into the truss during prep. But Nemesis innovation is much more than that!

The side channels can be mounted in two locations within the truss if smaller fixtures are used. A second set of channels can also be mounted, allowing fixtures to be offset as needed within the hang. A hanging bracket is built in the truss on both sides. The dolly legs can be disassembled easily and stacked above the truss for the comfortable and quick storing-during-show feature that everybody has been dreaming of.

With the launch of this new pre-rig touring truss from Tomcat, Nemesis not only lives up to its name, it lives up to your idea of how pre-rig touring truss should perform.

26th April 2018

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