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Updated Safety Feature Attracts Cross-Industry Support

Updated Safety Feature Attracts Cross-Industry Support

Germany – At the recent Pro Light & Sound show in Frankfurt, Fantek and Work Lifters, commercial competitors in the manufacture of tower-format industrial lifters, together announced they will be incorporating an enhanced version of the existing Dynsys overload limiting system in their future products.

Dynsys is a patented safety feature developed to protect operators by preventing top-loading (telescopic) and front-loading lifters lifting under overload conditions, in accordance with the stringent requirements of the EU-wide safety regulation DIN 56950, an important part of the DGUV V17/18 Health & Safety (Industrial Accident Prevention) regulations.

Until now, if lifters incorporating Dynsys are overloaded, user control of torque is blocked. With the improved Dynsys v1.2 system, Fantek and Work lifters will additionally be prevented from raising anything above Level 0. At the same time, the operator will be given immediate visual feedback to inform them that their tower is excessively loaded, making it impossible for them to miss the potentially dangerous state of their lifter and keeping them safe.

“We all need safety standards, especially in the realm of industrial lifting technology,” comments CSO of Equipson Juan Jose Vila. “The problem is that left alone, companies sometimes have a tendency to create their own proprietary standards. But here are two rival companies agreeing to jointly adopt a new technology in the interests of everybody’s safety. Far from this putting them both at a commercial disadvantage, everyone benefits, not least lifter operators, who will be safer using products incorporating Dynsys v1.2”

Dynsys v1.2 safety technology will be introduced on all new Fantek and Work lifters produced from 2018 onwards.

24th April 2018

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