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Analogue Lessons for Largest Nordic School of Creative Arts

Analogue Lessons for Largest Nordic School of Creative Arts

Sweden – An Audient ASP4816 was installed recently into the recording studio at Stockholm-based Kulturama, the Nordic region’s largest school of creative arts. “For most of our students, it’s the first time they get to work on a proper analogue recording console,” says Fredrik Moberg who teaches sound engineering and recording, ensures the smooth running of the studio and specified the console.

He explains the benefits of an analogue desk: “I think working in analogue really helps students to get a good understanding about signal flow and gain structure which is necessary even if you’re only working in a DAW. During tracking, the benefits of a real console become obvious very quickly; to have cue sends, levels for every track and EQ at arm’s length. Using your ears instead of your eyes, and not having to deal with latency.

“I had only heard good things about Audient, so when I started to look for a new desk, it was one of the first on the list,” he says, of the final choice. Its diminutive size was just one of the appealing factors. “It’s a smaller format console, yet it has the extended routing capabilities of a much bigger one. It has all the functionalities we needed at a great price,” he says, explaining that it replaced a ten-year-old desk that was starting to take too much time and effort to maintain. He is assured that he’s made the right choice. “It’s really great to know that the Audient will run smoothly and that we don’t have to worry about service.

“In addition to the Audient ASP4816, we installed a new patch-bay connecting all the inputs and outputs of the Audient with the rest of the equipment. Using Neutrik Bantam patch-bays with D-sub connectors made the installation easy.”

So, the install is complete, and Fredrik and his students are starting to get to know the desk. What are his favourite features? “The routing. It’s got everything you need in a logical and easy to understand layout. And it sounds great.”

Combining primary, secondary and higher education as well as courses for adults, Kulturama caters for all ages, although the studio is mostly used by those in full-time music production program of arts and cultural courses. “We also have an upper secondary school music production course that uses the studio occasionally,” he says, happy to report that the console is working out well for the students, as he reports positive feedback. “They really enjoy working on the desk and it’s a real eye- and ear-opening experience for them.”

Kulturama has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and Fredrik is confident as to how the next 40 will shape up: “Kulturama will continue to be the leading school in arts and culture in the Nordic countries.”

21st May 2018

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