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Available now: Movecat's I-Motion system controller Expert-T III

Available now: Movecat\'s I-Motion system controller Expert-T III

The I-Motion system controller Expert-T III is now available from Movecat; the commencement of shipping coincided with the Prolight+Sound 2018 in Frankfurt. It represents, in combination with the I-Motion and V-Motion power controllers from Movecat, a highly efficient solution for complex scenic kinetic applications in the trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors.
The device was actually shown to users last year as a design study for discussion and interdisciplinary consultation with the development team. Numerous features of the prototype such as the daylight and outdoor PCAP display in 24" format, the extended hot-key keyboard level and, above all, software features at the operating and object level subsequently found their way into the final, series-production model.

The controller was designed for the systematic control of fixed or variable-speed kinetic drives in the context of larger or complex projects involving up to 240 drives in conformity with the DGUV V 54 (BGV D8), D8-Plus and DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) standards. Furthermore, not only the control of different types of drives in mixed operation but also the integration of existing drives and items of stage machinery into a new set-up are possible.

The controller corresponds in its basic configuration to the DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) and EN 61508 SIL 3 standards and is therefore equipped for overhead scenic runs (i.e. the movement of loads over human beings). The Expert-T III system controller controls and supervises via I-Motion network the Movecat MPC-4ID8/C1 and V-Motion power controller and forms with them a closed safety network. If any of the devices malfunctions, a central evaluation with visualisation is performed and – depending upon the system configuration – the drive or hoist affected, the group to which it belongs, or the entire system, is shut down safely.

The control of key operating and run parameters is facilitated by a backlit input keyboard with tactile feedback in combination with a multifunctional 3D control knob, which makes for intuitive and efficient operation. The PCAP display in 24" format takes over the visual display of the operating, input and system parameters in 2D or 3D according to choice. The user has at all times therefore an overview of the rig and instant access to parameters and details. Provided the hoists and drives are suitably equipped, complex target and group runs can be programmed and played back.

For direct operation, two dynamic control levers are available, as are five CUE Start buttons for the recall and triggering of scenes. An integrated SSD hard disk allows the saving of all system parameters and numerous shows. The data can be exported and saved to an external storage device.

15th May 2018

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