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Doughty's Lightweight Lighting Stand Makes its Official Debut at ABTT

Doughty\'s Lightweight Lighting Stand Makes its Official Debut at ABTT

UK – Doughty's new Lightweight Lighting Stand will make its ABTT debut on Stand C30. This nifty piece of kit which previously appeared at Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt in prototype format is now in production and will be available to customers soon. The stand takes the all the principles of a tank trap but packages them into a neater, more aesthetically pleasing model.

The stand comprises a flat, round plate and slim tube, slotted at each end to allow cables to run unseen inside it. A 28mm receiver is incorporated in the top of the stand which will take an industry standard 28mm spigot. When used in conjunction with a speaker adapter, the stand can also be used to hold small speakers. Dan Phillips, project sales co-ordinator at Doughty explained: “This robust piece of kit has a sleeker appearance than the standard tank trap and comes with a stacking slot which allows for the stands to be stacked together as well as a carry handle. We’ve spent the first part of this year taking the prototype to trade shows across Europe so that we can really hone in on the design and use the feedback we’ve gathered at the shows to make a really useful bit of kit."

The three-position tank trap, which won last year’s ABTT Engineering Product of the Year award will also feature on this year's stand. This clever piece of kit enables rigging to be built close to a wall, in the corner of a room or near to an obstruction. It has a detachable receiver suitable for 48mm barrel, which may be fitted to any of the three mounting points, which are located in the centre as per a standard tank trap, at the edge and in the corner.

In addition, the tank trap trolley is another new piece of kit making its first ABTT appearance. Designed by Doughty as a result of feedback from its customers, this compact trolley can transport and store ten three-position tank traps. Receivers slot in between the tank traps and are captivated by a retaining plate.

The space saver Omega will also be on display. This is another product new to ABTT – while the original space saver appeared on the stand last year, the Omega version sees one of Doughty's Omega clamps permanently fitted to a luminaire with a hinge that locks into place. In the closed position, the luminaire can be put in its flightcase neatly and easily without having to dismantle all the pieces, thus eliminating the chance that pieces are lost or mislaid when moving from one location to another. Dan commented: "When we design a product, we’re always asking the question: ‘how will this make the life of our customers easier?’Not only is it a more ergonomic solution, but it also speeds things up for the lighting technician who might find himself having to move lights into difference locations on a rig, or for the touring lighting professional for whom time is always of the essence."

Julian Chiverton, sales director at Doughty said: “We’ve been attending ABTT for years; it’s a show that allows us to get right to the heart of the theatre industry which is vitally important to us. The feedback we get is what allows our R&D department to really refine our products to ensure we return year on year with kit that our customers – new and old – can’t wait to get their hands on.”

31st May 2018

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