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Ganesha Producciones Joins Spiiders Web

Ganesha Producciones Joins Spiiders Web

Mexico – Ganesha Producciones is one of the latest rental and production companies in Mexico to invest in Robe Spiider LED wash beams, which were recently delivered by distributor SHOWCO and much anticipated by owner Gerardo Hernández and his team.

The company was founded in 1996 by Gerardo and is based in central Mexico City. They are involved in technical production for many prestigious cultural events including government organised and sponsored shows and expositions, and also supply lighting, video and sound to corporates, music concerts and other shows. The company also has an architectural lighting division.

Gerardo has kept Ganesha tightly focused on its core business. There are currently 20 full- time employees and they work with up to 80 regular freelance designers and technicians during the busy periods.

The Robe Ganesha story started around ten years ago at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, when Gerardo turned up at the stand and purchased four MediaSpinner 50 ATs! He waited until the last day of the show and, when the stand was de-rigged, packed them up in his luggage! After a brief European tour as part of his excess baggage he took them back to Mexico!

Since then, they have earned their keep multiple times over.

They were the first media spinners in Mexico. There was – and still is – nothing quite like this ingenious invention, and all four media spinners are working hard to this day.

Gerardo has always been impressed with Robe and their products and he’s seen the brand steadily grow and gain traction in Mexico. When SHOWCO became the distributor early in 2017, the time was right for him to invest in Robe moving lights.

He has been a loyal SHOWCO client for some time and commented: “We needed an LED wash light and apart from the fact that the Spiider is the best one available at the moment, we really wanted the superlative service I know we could rely on from SHOWCO.”

As well as owning the company, he’s fully hands-on, and keeps a keen eye on all the projects and productions.

“The Spiiders really are a next generation of LED wash moving light. The intensity is fantastic, it can be a wash or a beam light, the central LED is a fresh and interesting effect and the ring control and individually mappable LEDs add even more options. So that gives it a lot more value than a fixture that does just one thing!”

He speaks from good experience as the company has had direct experience with several other types of moving lights over the years including competitor brands.

The 24 new Ganesha Spiiders went straight to work on several cultural shows and concerts where they have immediately been impressing their clients and crews alike.

They lit a production for the famous Ballet Folklórico de México, an acclaimed Mexican folkloric ballet ensemble based in Mexico City, where they provided elegant and rich stage coverage, and by complete contrast, they shone through at a concert by reggaeton star, J Balvin.

Gerardo says Ganesha is still trying to reach new and untapped markets, and they feel having a brand like Robe on-board is a key tool to being able to generate more business. With this in mind, they organised a big event in their showroom to demonstrate the Spiiders, which was attended by other rental companies amongst others: “I am more than happy to engage in cross rental business,” he commented.

They invited a lot of producers, lighting, visual and scenic designers, venue operators and others to show off the new lights. “It’s generated a lot of interest and we definitely expect some direct results,” he reported.

Pleased with the Spiiders and the scope and breadth of the current range of Robe products, Gerardo already has his eyes on the brand new MegaPointe – but they are planning to go a lot further than that; he states that they intend to change their entire current rental stock to Robe.

“I like the brightness, the quality of the light, the colours and the smooth mixing, the small size of the fixture and of course the reliability. I like all of it.”

With SHOWCO in place as the distributor, Gerardo feels that all the stars and planets are aligned to make a major commitment to Robe.

In picture: Luis Rosales (SHOWCO), Carla Hernández (financial administrator), Gerardo Hernández (owner / founder / general manger) and Gerardo Pineda (project manager) all from Ganesha Producciones, with SHOWCO’s Mario Vazquez.

14th May 2018

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