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Getting High at Eurovision 2018

Getting High at Eurovision 2018
Getting High at Eurovision 2018

Portugal – Stage engineering specialist WIcreations supplied four of its heavy duty TP06 stage elevators to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) production which was headed by technical directors Ola Melzig and Tobias Åburg.

The event, which brings the glitz, buzz and very best of euro-pop to a world stage with a global broadcast enjoyed by over 200 million viewers, was staged at the Altice Arena in Lisbon.

The four TP06 lifts were installed under the stage which was part of the elaborate set designed by Florian Wieder, and were used for two of the 43 finalists: Austria’s third placed
Cesár Sampson and Belarus contestant Alekseev.

The project was designed and co-ordinated for WI by Geert Stockmans and looked after on site by technician Mateo Marastoni working alongside Robert Roos who was the production’s props and special staging co-ordinator.

One TP06 lift was positioned centrally beneath the stage and surrounded by the other three, all of them supporting a trussing structure with a six-metre triangular section of decking on top. This top section split in two – doughnut style – with a central cut-out that could elevate independently on the middle lift.

For Austria, the whole wedge section lifted up several metres in a dramatic moment with the artist on top to reveal a set of vertically rigged LED battens below, on the underside. Chasing and twinkling, these gave the appearance that the artist was floating in the air as the platform rose up, all helping to make him a favourite with the crowd.

While the Belarus entry didn’t make it through the first semi-final (also televised) this year , it was not before a rousing performance by Alekseev who was raised up on the centre TP06 lift dramatically back lit by multiple beam lights.

WI was extremely pleased to be involved in the 2018 ESC production which looked fantastic in the Arena and on television with lighting designed by Jerry Appelt, all helping to deliver one of the highest profile and most talked-about international music competitions of the year. This year the competition was was won by Israel.

The lifting section of the stage was also used briefly by one of the interval acts.

The TO06 Stage lift has been designed around Spiralift theatre technology which is offered for the first time by WI in this mobile format that is ideal for touring and special events.

Multiple lift units can be daisy-chained together and run through the same control system as was the case in Lisbon, which was operated locally from beneath the stage, with all the movement fully synchronised.

The products are known for their robust design, reliability, user-friendliness, full safety certification, straightforward installation and millimetre precision control.

They can lift an impressive weight loading of 2.5 tonnes per unit and elevate up to eight metres.

photos: Joan Lyman

Getting High at Eurovision 2018Getting High at Eurovision 2018

23rd May 2018

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