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Halestorm Rocks New Rig From Bandit Lites

Halestorm Rocks New Rig From Bandit Lites
Halestorm Rocks New Rig From Bandit Lites

USA – Grammy-Award winning Halestorm is back on the road with a new lighting package from Bandit Lites and launching into summer with their epic, hard rock sound, featuring the outstanding vocals of Lzzy Hale, drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith.

Bandit Lites supplied nearly 150 fixtures included Ayrton MagicDot R, GLP impression X4s, Robe Halos, Claypaky B-Eye K20, Chauvet Nexus 4x4, Chauvet FX-B, Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Sun Strips, Martin Atomic 3000 LED, Elation Color Chorus 48 with Base Haze, a grandMA2 full-size for control along with a MA Lighting eight-port node.

When lighting designer Craig Richter began the planning this year’s tour cycle with the band, they communicated their desire to step up the production. To bring about this escalation, Richter opted for custom carts that hold nearly all the fixtures and raise up to fourteen feet high.

“The MagicDots and X4s's are mounted to a grid in rows of four that crank up out of a custom set cart; three rows per cart,” Richter explained. “In between those fixtures are the Robe Halos; I originally wanted them to go around the MagicDot fixtures, but unfortunately the size of the fixture did not allow that to happen, so I had some custom brackets made for them from Gallagher Staging in Nashville that allowed me to put a half coupler on them and mount them to the grid.”

In addition to the carts, Nexus 4x4s provide uplight, with four under a grated drum riser and two under two grated ego risers. Claypaky B-EYEs are placed on either side of the stage as side light, while the Color Chorus 48s are used as drape lights.

With so many elements to pull from during the performance, Richter skilfully adds the fixtures at intervals as the show progresses, making each addition as effective as possible.

“The band has a lot of great songs and I want them to all be as impactful as possible, so it was hard to not show all the tricks right out of the gate,” Richter said.

“Craig’s lighting design for this year’s tour is absolutely magnificent,” said Bandit’s chief business officer, Brent Barrett. “This rig assists in taking Halestorm’s production to a new level; the fixture loaded lighting carts provide a variety of look opportunities while simultaneously being practical logistically. Add to that the fact his timing as the board op is impeccable and his use of colour is impressive.”

Richter credits Bandit Lites attention to detail, sharing that project manager Matt King assisted in taking Richter’s idea out of his head and putting it on paper, making it come to life.

“Once again Bandit Lites has come through for us and made the planning and realisation of our new rig a reality,” said tour manager Michael Mahar. “It’s always a pleasure working with the team there, and with the help of Matt King and Brent Barrett getting our logistical and creative goals accomplished was a piece of cake. Can’t say enough about these guys!”

“Brent Barrett is always great to deal with,” Richter added saying, “he never tells us no and is willing to roll with the punches and do what we need to whenever a speed bump arises.”

To help curb the potential speed bumps, Bandit offered its massive Venue One rehearsal space, allowing both Richter time to set up the entire rig and program lighting, while the band was able to utilise the space for rehearsal, meaning everything was show ready for night one on the road.

“This is a production we are so proud to be a part of,” finished Barrett. “Michael Mahar is a true professional and I appreciate both his attention to detail and his straight-shooting personality; having the opportunity to do business with him is an absolute pleasure.”

17th May 2018

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