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MegaPointes on Top in Hong Kong and Macau

MegaPointes on Top in Hong Kong and Macau
MegaPointes on Top in Hong Kong and Macau

China – Top One Design Engineering in Hong Kong and Macau has invested in Robe MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s.

It’s the first Robe purchase for the company founded in 2012 by Kurt So to further the cause of bringing world class lighting and event design – with an emphasis on creativity and innovation – to a diversity of sectors in the region including live and corporate events.

Top One is also the first Hong Kong rental company to have these latest Robe luminaires in stock: 24 MegaPointes and 60 LEDBeam 150s, and that is because Kurt likes to offer the latest trending products in the rapidly changing world of entertainment technology.

Kurt and technical director Sam Hui had been keeping an eye on both of these Robe products for some time, they explained, and were “blown away“ with the first demonstration which was organised by Raymond Wong from Robe‘s HK distributors, Arc Source.

“The MegaPointe has far superior functions in both quantity and quality when compared to other lights in a similar class,” says Kurt, highlighting the animation wheel and prisms in particular.

However it was the incredibly light 26kg weight of the fixture which made this purchase a “no-brainer” for the company to service their busy raft of work.

The LEDBeam 150 was also chosen as ideal for its small size and footprint together with “a seriously powerful punch and its superior colour performance and mixing”.

Almost immediately the lights were delivered, they went straight out on The GREAT Festival of Innovation, staged at the Asia Society Centre in Admiralty, in the explosives store of the old Victoria Barracks to be precise, a carefully restored heritage site now transformed into a buzzing cultural, artistic and intellectual hub for the city.

The MegaPointes and LEDBeam 150s were used in four main areas at The GREAT Festival: ten LEDBeam 150s lifted the light levels along the red carpet and reception areas, 12 Mega Pointes and six LEDBeam150s lit the main stage, six MegaPointes and six LEDBeam150s were deployed in the Landscape Theatre cocktail area, and six MegaPointes and ten LEDBeam150s lit foliage and other areas of the rooftop terrace.

They were in action again recently in MacPherson Stadium for the MacPherson Festival x Siu Fay ‘Love for the Entire Life’ concert featuring Patrick Lui and other special guests. Lighting designer MaKaWai Mamui of AriesFlare Studio positioned 13 MegaPointes and 26 LEDBeam 150s on the trusses, and another nine MegaPointes on the floor, all of which provided some stunning looks and effects.

Kurt, Sam and the Top One team are all ecstatic with the purchase. “The lighting scheme for The GREAT Festival looked really amazing using these fixtures,” declared Sam.

Talking more generally about Robe as a brand, Kurt comments: “We feel that Robe has a lot of heart, and we really respect that the products are all made in-house and that so much time and effort goes into maintaining the quality standards.”

Top One Design Engineering is one of the busiest lighting design and supply companies in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. With over 25 years of combined experience in the events industry, they bring huge knowledge as well as a fresh and invigorating approach to lighting and visual concepts, producing bespoke lighting designs and solutions for a lively mix of events.

photos: KRIZ2 and Rennee

MegaPointes on Top in Hong Kong and MacauMegaPointes on Top in Hong Kong and Macau

18th May 2018

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