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New architectural wash light from ETC

New architectural wash light from ETC

The Irideon line of architectural fixtures from ETC features exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space. The newest addition to this family, the WLZ or, Wash Light Zoom fixture, is no exception. This feature-rich design is ideal for museums, lobbies and retail environments.

Similar to the other fixtures in the Irideon family, the WLZ is available in a wide variety of colour temperatures ranging from 3000K to 5000K, and three mounting variations: track mount, portable and canopy.

When using a track data distribution system, both three-circuit EUTRAC fitting for the 230V market and two-circuit DataTrack fitting for 120V markets are available. Each fixture can be individually addressed for DMX controlled dimming or adjusted using the trim pot located on the track adapter. In addition to the DMX control option, canopy fixtures can be purchased with either 0-10V or DALI protocol as well. The smooth, bright wash light can be shaped with the optional barn door accessory.

The most innovative feature of the WLZ is the built-in rotating zoom adjustment at the rear of the fixture housing. This enables beam angle adjustment within an impressive range of 9-78 degrees. The zoom position markers on the fixture make fixture-to-fixture referencing quick and easy.

Because the entire family of Irideon fixtures, including the newest WLZ, was designed using the same platform as the Source Four Mini, you are guaranteed an equally high-quality standard of light output, durability, and operation.

The Irideon WLZ now comes with ETC’s updated fixture warranty of five years for the fixture and ten years for the LEDs themselves, and as always, ETC’s unmatched 24-hour customer service and support.

1st May 2018

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