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Opti-Sculpt Beam Shaping Filters from Rosco

Rosco Opti-Sculpt filters have been engineered to provide precise angular beam control for lighting professionals. If your lighting design work illuminates theatrical productions, theme parks, architectural installations or broadcast studios, then you’ll appreciate the ability to accurately and affordably control the shape of your light with Rosco Opti-Sculpt filters. Their unique, proprietary process features engineered light distribution to provide increased brightness over traditional diffusion and holographic filters.

Other unique features include accurate, repeatable beam shaping; flame retardant and heat resistant - compatible with both LED and traditional tungsten fixtures - and durable construction that is unaffected by dust and fingerprints.

Opti-Sculpt filters are available in 20”x24” and 40”x24” (50cm x 60cm & 100cm x 60cm) seamless sheets that can be cut to any size and shaped to fit virtually any light fixture.

24th May 2018

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