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Stage Electrics discusses Eco-Design Issues with Ashley Fox MEP

Stage Electrics discusses Eco-Design Issues with Ashley Fox MEP

UK – This week Stage Electrics Group CEO Maria Townsend and marketing director Adam Blaxill met with Ashley Fox MEP for the South West to discuss the proposed EU Eco-Design Regulations.

In the proposed regulations that will come into effect in 2020, stage lighting will lose its current exemption and the sale of tungsten and arc light bulbs would be prohibited. It will even prohibit the sale of state of the art, low energy LED stage lighting fixtures.

During the meeting Adam Blaxill outlined the potential implications, not only for specialist lighting companies like Stage Electrics and their sister company SLX Hire & Events but also for theatres, social clubs and schools all of whom own equipment which will effectively become obsolete. “The UK and Europe are world leaders in entertainment lighting, these regulations are a direct threat to our ability to deliver world class entertainment.”

Ashley Fox was aware of the Eco-Design Regulations and had already responded to the consultation before meeting with the Stage Electrics team and was able to offer valuable insights into how the legislative process works. During the meeting Mr Fox assured us that he will continue to raise concerns with the Commission and push for the existing exemption for stage lighting to be continued.

“We need to get these regulations right,” argues Mr Fox. “If the market cannot supply the technology needed to meet the new energy efficiency standards then we risk damaging the entire theatre industry by asking them to achieve the unattainable. I will be making the case in Parliament and to the Commission that we need to take a more pragmatic approach and avoid harming our creative sector.”


11th May 2018

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