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VisionEvents Manchester adds Doughty kit to its equipment inventory

VisionEvents Manchester adds Doughty kit to its equipment inventory

UK – Leading event production company VisionEventsManchester (VE-M) has upgraded its equipment inventory, adding a selection of Doughty equipment to its stock. Darren Howard, director, VE-M explained: "As VE-M has expanded, we found we were regularly hiring in stands and so it was really a natural choice that we should purchase some Doughty kit."

The company, which was born out of Vision Events back in 2011, focuses on bringing together various elements of event design under one roof, making its clients' lives easier when organising often complex events. The addition of Doughty items to the company's stock is part of a major overhaul of VE-M's video, lighting, audio and rigging stock as the company continues to grow. Keen to invest in high quality technologies, Darren turned to A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET), one of Doughty's UK distributors to handle the entire upgrade.

Darren purchased some Doughty Zenith truss lifts and solid truss adaptors, all brand new items to the company's inventory, as well as a selection of smaller items such as half-couplers, truss adaptors etc. Once delivered, AC-ET assisted with product training on the new systems at their Northern sales office in Leeds.

AC-ET's Mike Docksey, who handled the sale commented: "It was an absolute pleasure to work with VE-M. I'm sure their clients will be very pleased by VE-M's major investment in these and other leading technologies from AC-ET, to ensure they continue to offer the highest production values for events."

Darren continued: "The Doughty name is a well known, high quality brand that's great to have on hand for our own use but also for sub-hires too. It's a name people are used to and have confidence in and so it really wasn't a difficult decision to add the brand to our stock. Having met the Doughty team at PLASA North in 2017, I was encouraged that I was speaking to a team that knew their kit inside out and had total belief in the products they were selling. We are very happy with them and confident that they are not just industry leading, but extremely safe to use."

24th May 2018

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