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NEXT-proaudio reinforces Daydream Festival in China

NEXT-proaudio reinforces Daydream Festival in China

China – Born in Belgium in 2010, Daydream Festival is a comprehensive music festival famous for its gorgeous scenery and atmosphere, including popular music and electric music. This Music Festival has travelled to Mexico, Spain and the Netherlands, and landed in China on 14-15 April 2018 for the first time. Daydream China boasted of more than 54 international top artists and three stages to be indulged in the fantastic dream in Shanghai International Music Park.

After deep consideration and careful selecting, the organiser chose NEXT-proaudio, for Bass Dream Stage, which was supplied by Real Music, local distributor of the Portuguese Manufacturer NEXT-proaudio.

The main hang was ten LA212x per side and 24 x LAs418 stacked in front of the stage as low end fill. The DJ monitor comprised two LAs118 plus three LA122 per side and another four X15 deployed as the ground monitor.

According to Richie Wang, Real Music's CEO: “The sound pressure on the Bass Dream Stage with LA212x was really amazing.”

26th June 2018

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