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Ollie Wilkinson Gives Nina Nesbitt Visual Edge With Maverick MK Pyxis

Ollie Wilkinson Gives Nina Nesbitt Visual Edge With Maverick MK Pyxis

With a string of recent hits such as "Chewing Gum", "The Best You Had" and "Somebody Special," Swedish-Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt (pictured) has earned critical success both in the UK and throughout Europe.  After a successful string of US concerts, Nesbitt recently returned for a UK tour. Lighting Designer Ollie Wilkinson managed to craft equally catchy visuals with the help of CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK Pyxis fixtures supplied by Arranpaul.

After searching for a fixture to complement his existing rig, Wilkinson decided to utilize the Maverick fixture’s dual beam and wash features to provide something special to round off his lighting concept. "I wanted a fixture that could be used to fulfil a number of practical functions in addition to providing eye candy," commented Wilkinson. "After considering a number of options, I decided to give the Pyxis a try."

Thanks to its ring of nine 15W RGBW LEDs and a single 60W RGBW LED serving as a centre pixel, the multifaceted toolbox that is the Maverick MK Pyxis proved itself more than a match for Wilkinson's versatile lighting style. "One of the key looks which I wanted to achieve was to illuminate Nina from the side, and to then go into a full stage wash," he said. "Thanks to its incredible zoom range (7° to 45°), the Pyxis was able to effortlessly make this switch between these phrasings."

Positioned on either side of Nesbitt, who stood for most of the show on an illuminated Perspex plinth in the centre of the stage, the Maverick MK Pyxis covered the artist with a wide spectrum of coloured wash and beam effects.

"I love the central beam element," continued Wilkinson. "I could get some lovely cross beams when using it as a wash, and the infinite tilt allowed me to create some super cool shadow work."

In specifying the Maverick MK Pyxis, Wilkinson was able to achieve his dual goals of having a practical wash light and creating unique eye candy. "I think the Pyxis is one of the best multi-functional fixtures I’ve come across," he said. "The wash is stunningly flat, which is exactly what I needed, and the beautiful pixelated effects make it a genuine all-rounder."

As his client continues to win over critics and audiences up and down the UK with the magic combination of top tunes and memorable visuals, Wilkinson's decision to incorporate the Pyxis fixtures has really paid off. "For me, the most important thing to emphasize is that the Pyxis allowed us to create a lot with very little," he said. “The results were great, and I’ll certainly be taking them back out on the road again with me next time."

4th June 2018

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