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SolaFrame Theatre Delivers Blockbuster Light, Zero Sound

SolaFrame Theatre Delivers Blockbuster Light, Zero Sound

On the press junket for the premiere of special effects-laden Pacific Rim: Uprising, David Kane and Brian Fisher of Kite & Key Technologies used a special effect of their own: the new High End Systems’ SolaFrame Theatre. Kane and Fisher, working with production company Junket Productions, Inc. were blown away by the quality of the light, its extensive gobo pack, and the fixture’s biggest superpower: its silence.

“Typically, any place where sound is critical – such as the shooting suites at press junkets – are a no-go zone for automated fixtures,” says David Kane. “But the SolaFrame’s dead silent operation allowed us to put the fixtures right next to the talent, and the sound department never even knew they were there!”

Press junkets are one-on-one sessions meant to create a sense of intimacy between the interviewer and celebrity – and usually, it’s no place for a moving light, whose noisy mechanics create an unwelcome intrusion for audio. But thanks to the SolaFrame Theatre’s extreme silent operation, Kane and his partner were able to harness all of the advantages of the moving light for the interviews: an extensive gobo set, full-frame shuttering system, and a high-CRI Bright White LED engine that generates light that looks good on camera and everywhere else.

“Everyone on set who saw the fixture was blown away. Even with gobos rotating at high speeds and the animation wheel going, we put our ear right up to the fixture and couldn’t hear a thing,” says Kane. “Brian and I loved the colour quality and perfectly even field. The client loved the newfound flexibility the fixtures afforded them.”

Pacific Rim: Uprising is a hit, and so is the SolaFrame Theatre.

“A bright, fully-shutterable, high CRI, silent moving light? These are the automated fixtures the motion picture industry has been waiting for,” finishes Kane.

4th June 2018

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