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Ambersphere Expands

Ambersphere Expands

UK – Ambersphere Solutions has announced two major additions to its product portfolio: Astera which manufactures 100% cableless LED fixtures and Zactrack whose motion tracking products are truly world class.

Astera provides the brightest and most compact wireless battery LED fixtures on the market with creative accessories, innovative features and sturdy IP65 waterproof housings.

A unique feature of the Astera system is the control. Using a simple, yet powerful Android or iOS App, users can create and schedule stunning pre-planned lighting effects without having to deal with DMX addresses or lighting desks. Of course, DMX control is also supported for larger wireless productions.

All fixture models are compatible with the App which can be used to adjust frequency to avoid camera flicker and manage the lifetime of the battery. A hand-held IR remote is also available for the ultimate in control simplicity.

Designed to be flexible, the Astera wireless fixtures can be used to wash walls or highlight features and are suitable or indoor and outdoor use. They can work from their internal battery for up to 20 hours or can be hard wired for longer events.

The Astera range features the powerful and highly creative AX1 (Pixeltube), a waterproof, pixel controllable RGBW tube, offering a large range of possibilities. The AX3 (Lightdrop) is the most popular of the Astera range, it is magnetic and can be used hanging or free-standing. The AX5, is the perfect smarter replacement for existing wireless uplighters and indeed wired PAR fixtures. And for when extra power and a true workhorse is needed, then the AX7 and AX10 suit. Both offer high brightness and advanced battery life. There is even a range of filters and diffuser-dome accessories that expand the creative possibilities.

Ambersphere Solutions now carry the whole range, as well as a wide stock of spares and accessories.

Zactrack provides a simple way to track people and objects in a 3D performance environment. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy and can be integrated into a wide range of lighting, video and audio applications. The most obvious use for Zactrack is as an automated followspot system to control multiple moving lights to follow multiple performers in 3D.

Zactrack uses Ultra High Frequency technology, avoiding any frustrating line-of-sight issues. The system tracks the position of small discrete rechargeable tags which can be mounted within costumes, taped to wireless mic packs or simply placed in a jacket pocket.

Using a modular system of UHF Anchors, Zactrack creates a radio 'mesh' and allows users to expand their tracking area by simply adding anchors as required. Fixture calibration is handled by a light-sensitive puck which simplifies and automates the process.

Zactrack can operate stand-alone but is designed to integrate perfectly with any lighting system. The console operator can assign lights to follow tags on the fly and the Zactrack system can take care of zonal control functions seamlessly.

Ambersphere Solutions has a full demo system set up in its West London showroom.

20th July 2018

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