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ESTA Plugfest sACN Round-Table

The ESTA Control Protocols Plugfest organisers announced that a live, informal round-table discussion will be made available to the public via a free WebEx video conference. A discussion of “sACN Universe Synchronisation” will be broadcast live on Sunday 22nd July from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, CDT.

The universe synchronisation feature was recently added to ESTA’s ANSI E1.31, Lightweight streaming protocol for transport of DMX512 using ACN standard. Universe sync allows the output of multiple universes of DMX512 data coming from a sACN controller to be synchronised together. This eliminates issues such as image tearing and out of sync strobes within arrays of LED fixtures across multiple universes.

This lively, educational discussion will illustrate the challenges solved by universe sync as well as explain how it works from both a user perspective and within the protocol itself. The recommended “best practices” approach in implementation for developers will also be discussed.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers from the CPWG subject matter members that authored this standard. This is an extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the CPWG, one of the Technical Standards Programme’s largest working groups.

Registration for this round-table may be made by sending an email to Registration is limited. Instructions for logging into WebEx will be emailed to all pre-registered attendees a few days before the live broadcast. Qualified attendees may also receive 0.5 ETCP renewal credit for each session hour.

This round-table is being held in conjunction with the ESTA Control Protocols Plugfest, the event where manufacturers and developers test their lighting products for network interoperability, which is scheduled to take place from July 20 to July 23 at the D/FW Marriott Solana in Westlake, Texas. Both ESTA and non-ESTA members are welcome to attend the 16th version of this event.

The scheduled Plugfest hours are 9:00am-11:00pm Friday through to Monday. Members of the E1.11 (DMX512), E1.20 (RDM), E1.31 (sACN), and E1.33 (RDMnet) task groups who authored the standards will available to answer questions and help explain our protocols.

10th July 2018

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