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Nordic Rentals Invest in MegaPointes and Spiiders

Nordic Rentals Invest in MegaPointes and Spiiders

Denmark – Nordic Rentals is one of the largest and most influential rental companies in Denmark. The headquarters are in the attractive fjord city of Vejle, they supply sound, lighting, video and staging equipment and expertise to festivals, concerts and live events, working all over Scandinavia and Europe.

The company has recently made its first major Robe investment with the purchase of 50 MegaPointes and 26 Spiider LED wash beams for rental stock, a decision driven purely by demand, explained senior sales and project manager, Tue Knudsen.

They already have around 800 moving lights on board, but Robe is trending as a brand and they want to keep pace with what’s new. “It’s a big investment” agreed Tue, “however, the massive demand for the fixtures enables a quick ROI making the products very attractive.”

He also mentions they had been looking at ways of reducing their annual sub-hired rental costs, and owning more of the products being specified is one approach. The Robes were therefore purchased not for a specific project but because they are currently ‘hot products’ of the moment. “Everyone in Denmark wants MegaPointes and Spiiders,” he declared!

The MegaPointes were out of the warehouse door the day after they were delivered by Robe’s Danish distributor Light Partner and are currently not due back until the autumn.

This initial batch of Robe fixtures is servicing some high profile summer tour projects, including for singer-songwriter  Rasmus Seebach who is the biggest name in Danish pop right now. His LD Jacob Baekman wanted both Spiiders and MegaPointes on the rig.

They also feature prominently on the summer floor package design for heavy metal heroes Volbeat by LD Niller Bjerrgaard as they blast their way around Europe playing a mix of festivals, own headliner shows and a few opening slots for Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Tue himself still works as an active LD for a Danish band, something he does for fun and to keep his hand in with the latest technologies and techniques. This enables him to really appreciate why certain fixtures are doing well.

Nordic Rentals is ideally placed in central Denmark with an office and warehouse facility in Copenhagen. The company is privately owned by five individuals who are all still involved in its day-to-day running.

Nordic has been a strong industry brand in Denmark for many years and has a rich and colourful history as a pioneer of entertainment technology. There are around 50 full-time employees at the moment, plus an extensive pool of skilled freelancers.

The company’s DNA is based in the vibrant Scandinavian festival scene, and the bulk of the business now is in rental and staging sectors which still includes festivals, especially the larger ones, TV shows and corporate events. Nordic is also the preferred technical supplier to the popular TAP1 venue, a former distillery in central Copenhagen.

The massive audio division and a unique 60 metre wide stage makes it the largest rental house in the country. The stage is one of the most substantial mobile venues in Scandinavia and is extremely innovative. Packing down into just seven trucks, it can be built by 12 people.

In picture: Light Partner’s Johan Kvartborg with Nordic’s Tue Knudsen.

16th July 2018

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