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Shinedown takes the stage with Bandit Lites

American hard rock band Shinedown recently wrapped a North American run with a lighting package provided Bandit Lites. The tour coincided with the release of their album, Attention Attention which debuted at number 1 on the Top Rock Albums, Hard Rock Albums, and Alternative Albums charts.

Lighting designer Carter Fulghum and Bandit Lites facilitated a demo for Shinedown’s Brent Smith and Zach Myers at the Nashville shop, with Berry Kerch and Eric Bass also providing insight.

“The band really likes the look of spot units for their punch and beam quality,” explained Fulghum. “I used the Robe BMFL’s as the main workhorse of the rig for that reason, as they have a good zoom, meaning you not only get a tight beam but you can also get a wide wash to cover the stage.”

One fixture that made a lasting impression on the band was the Robe PATT 2017 with its striking design and LED colour mixing, allowing great versatility.

For low side and backlight, Bandit Lites provided Elation Paladins and SixPar 100, with the Paladin colour mixing and ranging zoom giving the band the wash of lighting from the side and back, with the capability to zoom down to a beam. The SixPar 100s give Berry a light with a true UV effect on his cymbals in addition to lighting the rest of the kit and the four pods that hang above the band.

Within the pods are Chauvet Rogue RH1 Hybrids, providing the punchy effect light along with beam and gobo looks, and Martin Atomic 3000 LED Strobes.

“I liked the Martin Atomic Strobes because they kept the ‘punch-you-in-the-face’ Atomic Strobe look with an aura effect,” said Fulghum. “Personally, I like the contrast between the two looks of the light. We also use the Clay Paky B-EYE as a wash light for the new set; again, a choice because of all the different things you can do with the light. Lastly, we picked the GLP X4 Bar 10 as the drop light. It gave a very good wash on the backdrop for the show and again had another purpose of tilting forward and giving a good backwash for the band.”

By choosing fixtures that were both dynamic and versatile, Fulghum was able to build a light show that enabled a unique lighting look for every song in Shinedown’s vast repertoire.

“All the songs in the set need to be able to stand alone, as sometimes we change the order or add songs,” explained Fulghum. “I start with a look for each one and then make changes according to the dynamics of the song.”

“Shinedown is very much a treasured member of the Bandit Family,” said Bandit’s Business Development Officer Brent Barrett. “It is an honour to have the opportunity to provide lighting services for this band and a privilege to experience the visual element that Carter is able to accomplish; to say we are proud would be an understatement.”

Fulghum echoed the sentiment, sharing how nearly every Bandit department worked to help the production, saying “Mike Strickland was very helpful in suggestions of gear that the band would like as well as truss to get different looks for them, and Brent always does an awesome job of keeping everything organized and moving the way it is needed. Project Manager Matt King and Director of Technical Services Jake Tickle were instrumental with their expertise on lights and ways to avoid or work around problems, while General Manager Mark Steinwachs and Shop Foreman Erich Hudgens helped get the crews together to make the demo happen. They also do a wonderful job of getting crew for the road as well as getting you what you need when you need it.”

3rd July 2018

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