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ESTA Posts Four Documents for Public Review

BSR E1.29 - 2009 (R2014), Product Safety Standard for Theatrical Fog Generators that Create Aerosols of Water, Aqueous Solutions of Glycol or Glycerin, or Aerosols of Highly Refined Alkane Mineral Oil

This standard is being considered for reaffirmation. It's intended to help guide product safety testing laboratories in evaluating fog-making equipment for design or construction defects that might create unacceptable hazards. It is based on UL 998 - 2006, Humidifiers, with modifications. Products covered are theatrical fog generators intended for use in professional theatrical entertainment, film and video production, theme parks, and fire safety training.

BSR E1.62, Minimum specifications for mass-produced portable platforms, ramps, stairs, and choral risers for live performance events

The standard covers mass-produced portable platforms, stair units and ramps used with those platforms, and choral risers, designed to be used for the presentation of music concerts, dramatic plays, fashion shows, and other entertainment and special events.

BSR E1.5 - 2009 (R2014), Theatrical Fog Made with Aqueous Solutions of Di- and Trihydric Alcohols

This standard is being considered for reaffirmation. This standard describes the composition of theatrical fogs or artificial mists that are not likely to be harmful to healthy performers, technicians, or audience members of normal working age.

Those three standards are in public review until 24 September 2018

BSR E1.6-1 --201x, Powered Hoist Systems

This document establishes requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance of powered hoist systems for lifting and suspension of loads for performance, presentation, and theatrical production. It's in public review until 22 October 2018

People who might be materially affected by any of these projects are invited to participate in the work, either by joining the appropriate working group or by commenting on the public review documents, which can be found by following this link to the TSP's public review documents web page:

Technical Standards Program Call for members:

The Electrical Power Working Group seeks members in the designer, and custom-market producer interest categories. The Followspot Position Working Group seeks members in the general interest, custom-market producer, and dealer/rental company interest categories.

Working group application forms can be downloaded here:

29th August 2018

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