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Gavin Degraw and Phillip Phillips Take Bandit Lites on the Road

USA – Renowned singer-songwriters Gavin DeGraw and Phillip Phillips are out on a co-headlining tour comprised of more than thirty dates across the country with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.

The tour is carrying a floor package co-designed by lighting director Jarrett Goldman and production manager/FOH audio engineer Mitch VanHoose. Bandit Lites supplied two Whole Hog 4 consoles for control with a Hog 4 Playback Wing along with Martin ArtNet to DMX Nodes, Robe Robin Cyc FX 8, Claypaky SharBars, Claypaky Mythos 2 and Robe Points.

“We spent countless hours researching fixtures that would adapt to the design and the overall look of what we wanted to achieve,” said Goldman. “Being a co-headline tour, we wanted both artists to have a 'headline look' to their respective shows, regardless of who was opening and closing.”

The lighting needed to distinctive but equal for both artists, with Gavin DeGraw’s set paying tribute to his earlier days of playing in bars with a mash-up of an Americana and contemporary design.

“The band consist of one artist and piano, a drummer, and one guitarist/bassist, so it is a somewhat scaled-back but never lacks in any aspect,” Goldman said.

Phillip Phillips set design centred around matching the colour scheme of his newest album cover, Collateral, along with plenty of backlit-focused fixtures, emphasising both Phillip and the band during solos.

“Their band is amazing,” Goldman said. “Lot of talent on that stage that deserves to be recognised.”

Emphasis was given to fixtures that were mostly all, or mostly capable of being, pixel mapped, with certain looks of the floor package evoking a look of a low-resolution LED video wall.

“The Cyc FX 8 are standing vertical on eight truss towers as well as individual floor bases behind the band,” Goldman explained. “Atop the truss towers are eight Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures, and on the floor, we utilize the Claypaky SharBars to provide an “ACL” look behind each artist and downstage of most of each band member.”

Goldman referred to the Claypaky SharBars and the Robe Cyc FX 8 fixtures as the biggest standouts for the production, as they provide varying and unique sets depending on the orientation of the towers and programming. And while it took a bit of onstage repositioning and a couple weeks of use, The SharBars certainly earned their keep with Goldman saying, “I have gained a huge respect for the fixture and will continue use them in future designs.”

DeGraw’s lighting looks feature more neutral colors and Phillips contain more silhouettes, but Goldman and VanHoose created multi-layered looks for both bands without having to travel with staging, an important aspect when changeover time is factored in.

“Limited space is an issue or dealing with ramps or elevators at times, so we had to keep in mind the rig could be split for smaller places but still give us the same show for both artists,” Goldman said.

With the tour out on the road, the lighting has been running like a well-oiled machine, with Goldman pointing to the support received from Project Manager Don Lockridge, Client Representative Brent Barrett, Crew Chief Jeff Archibeque and Director of Technical Services Jake Tickle, who took the time to ensure the lighting was compatible for the venues.

“Jake Tickle’s organizational skills and forethought into the project were impeccable and as with

Don Lockridge’s insight into our expectations and brought the whole experience to another level,” finished Goldman. “Brent’s involvement in our projects is always a pleasure. We love when he shows up onsite; it makes it feel more personal other than just a gear-slinging warehouse. He makes sure we are taken care of.”

“I’m always excited to have the opportunity to work with Mitch VanHoose and Jarrett Goldman,” added Brent Barrett. “They make a great design team and are able to accomplish an impressive variety of scenes with their fixture selection along with the soft goods they chose. It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with them again this year!”

28th August 2018

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