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High End Systems Shine at Live You Play

High End Systems Shine at Live You Play

Italy – For the eighth year running, Music Inside Rimini (MIR) and LIVE welcomed a host of lighting companies including High End Systems to take part in the annual Italian event ‘Live You Play’. LIVE events began in 2010 with a resolution to provide visitors with the chance to experience audio, lighting, video and installation technologies from a live performance on stage. This year, there was both a virtual and a live show organised at the event.

Lighting designer Trevor Burk organised the structure of High End Systems fixtures in the virtual show whilst lighting programmer Francesco De Cave arranged the design of the same fixtures for music band ‘POP deluxe’ in the live show.

Francesco acknowledged that the event was a great opportunity to compare the unique approaches of two different lighting designers working on the same rig and was particularly pleased to have been chosen by ETC to program the lighting in a brand new environment. He emphasised how “programming the lighting whilst showing the fixtures’ capability to the audience without losing the main focus – the show itself – was not an easy job.”

The set-up included a variety of SolaFrame 750, SolaFrame Theatres, HEX, QUAD, SolaSpot 2000, SolaWash 2000, SolaHyBeam 1000 and the recently launched SolaFrame 3000. The SolaFrame series, the most advanced LED frame fixtures on the market, lit up the performances by POP deluxe with precise lighting control and aerial effects. This included High End Systems’ newest flagship luminaire: SolaFrame 3000, which features an Ultra-Bright White LED engine that produces a limitless range of colour, illuminating the show to the highest standard.

Out of the High End fixtures, Francesco singled out the QUAD as his favourite, stating “QUAD is a particularly well-designed fixture with a variety of unprecedented effects and I would like to map them with Hog 4 Pixel Map in one of my future projects.”

Music band, POP deluxe, performed five songs produced by Spray Records and featuring the fixtures.

The event, earlier this year, was confirmed a big success, seeing a 20% increase on the number of attendees from the previous year.

High End Systems Shine at Live You PlayHigh End Systems Shine at Live You Play

16th August 2018

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