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Over 200 Proteus Hybrids for Mein Schiff 1 Christening

Over 200 Proteus Hybrids for Mein Schiff 1 Christening
Over 200 Proteus Hybrids for Mein Schiff 1 Christening

Germany - On 11th May, TUI Cruises celebrated the launch of the new cruise ship Mein Schiff 1 during Hamburg Port’s 829th Anniversary festivities and adorned the christening party with an impressive fireworks and light show featuring effects from over 200 Elation Professional Proteus Hybrid moving heads.

Lighting designer Martin Kuhn developed a spectacular lighting design for the ship's christening show on behalf of insglück, the Berlin agency that staged the party in front of the industrial backdrop of the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai. The up to 70-metre-high container bridges of the Burchardkai – the symbol of Hamburg as a gateway to the world – were integrated into the staging and equipped with lighting equipment and pyrotechnics.

For the widely visible light show, the designer relied on a total of 206 weatherproof Proteus Hybrid moving lights, Elation’s multi-functional IP65-rated arc-source moving head. Some 160 fixtures were positioned on five surrounding cranes, 32 fixtures per crane, with the remaining 46 Proteus Hybrid units used on the ship itself to illuminate the christening show.

"The Proteus Hybrids on the cranes were used exclusively in beam mode to support the fireworks with their powerful beams. The units on the ship I could use more versatilely. From wash to beam and gobo effects, everything was there," explains Kuhn on his use of the hybrid units.

"The bridges were positioned over the ship," Kuhn continues. “Among other things, two rope artists were lowered from the middle crane onto the ship for the christening. In addition to the beam-intensive light show, a show took place on the pool deck. For this purpose, the deck was equipped with an LED floor."

When asked why he chose the Proteus Hybrid for the project, the lighting designer answered unequivocally: “Obviously because of the IP rating. Domes were out of the question for the production so the choice of fixtures narrowed considerably. In the run-up to the event, I was convinced of the quality and performance of these moving lights in a shoot-out and I have not regretted my choice! The Proteus Hybrid really delivers an amazing performance. The light actually does everything you want. As wash lights they are expected to be effective only up to a certain distance, but as a powerful beam light for outdoor use they are great.”

Some of the Proteus Hybrid fixtures began a longer term service on the high seas at the christening ceremony. Several Proteus Hybrid units that are permanently installed at the pool deck theatre will be used in the ship’s onboard entertainment programme. These units are equipped with Elation’s special WMG coating (White Marina Grade), which is not only sea-air resistant but also saltwater resistant. This ensures optimal corrosion protection in the long term, even under permanently rough conditions such as those found on the high seas.

Technical management of the ship’s christening ceremony was by Production Office of Berlin with PRG responsible for implementation. Oliver Ranft handled lighting programming. "I would like to thank all those involved for their great effort in helping to put the project together in an extremely short period of time," concludes Martin Kuhn.

After being christened by beach volleyball Olympic champions Kira Walkenhorst and Laura Ludwig, Mein Schiff 1 set out on a lap of honour through the port of Hamburg before embarking on her christening tour.

photos: Andreas Vallbracht for TUI Cruises and Tom Kohler for TUI Cruises

9th August 2018

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