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Southeastern University Enriches Broadcasts and Learning with Chauvet Professional

Southeastern University Enriches Broadcasts and Learning with Chauvet Professional
Southeastern University Enriches Broadcasts and Learning with Chauvet Professional

USA – It isn’t surprising that graduates of Southeastern University are reporting for national news networks, announcing for professional sports teams, and filling other prominent positions in broadcast media. The small (7,163 enrolment) central Florida Christian university’s College of Arts & Media doesn’t just teach in the classroom, it also offers students real world experience through a variety of activities, including the chance to work at its television station.

Featuring professional-level programmes like the twice-weekly RAW TV (Real and Willing), a hard-hitting student panel discussion on religious issues, and the weekly Unpland Improv, a stand-up comedy show featuring Southeastern University undergrads, the station provides an invaluable outside-the-classroom opportunity to develop skills in every facet of broadcasting. Recently, Southeastern University enhanced the level of its TV broadcasts even further by adding four Ovation B-2805FC LED batten fixtures from Chauvet Professional to its Bolin Studio.

Supplied by Barbizon Lighting, the RGBA-lime battens replaced older fixtures that were not performing efficiently. Beyond the issue of reliability, however, the Ovation fixtures brought a new level of realistic colour mixing to the university’s broadcast studio. Southeastern University’s broadcast department states that it was “sold on these fixtures,” because of their brightness and colour mixing.

Mostly, the Ovation battens are used in the university’s studio, more or less as permanent fixtures. In addition to creating background washes on the RAW and Improv sets, they are used in a variety of classes on broadcast subjects. They are also occasionally taken out to off-campus conferences and events, along with the other Ovation battens in the university’s inventory. Since up to ten sections of the battens can be controlled individually, students and faculty have a great deal of flexibility when using the fixtures in any setting.

Wherever they are used, the Ovation B-2805FC fixtures never fail to impress viewers and faculty with the realism, quality and range of hues produced by their RGBA-lime colour-mixing system.

For students at Southeastern University, they also function as one of many constructive learning tools.

23rd August 2018

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