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TiMax announces tm stagetec systems as new Australian distributor

TiMax announces tm stagetec systems as new Australian distributor

Australia – UK spatial audio innovator, Out Board, has announced tm stagetec systems as exclusive Australian distributor and support specialist for its leading-edge immersive spatial audio and showm control products TiMax SoundHub and TiMax Tracker. Whilst consolidating TiMax representation in Australia’s performance, event and experience markets, the move also furthers tm stagetec systems’ objective of being industry-leading high technology providers and systems integrators.

TiMax SoundHub is the global market leader in immersive spatial reinforcement and stage tracking for vocal localisation, delivering unparalleled realism, flexibility and reliability to live performances. This product also provides outstanding message impact and engagement for presentation sector audiences, delegates, guests, journalists and congregations worldwide, via dynamic immersive audio processing coupled with integrated playback, editing and versatile spatial rendering and show control workflows.

TiMax SoundHub therefore additionally offers experience integrators an exclusive show-in-a-box for immersive multimedia AV installs, rides and themed environments, with this unique combination of resources coupled with extensive external show control interactivity.

TiMax Tracker advanced UWB radar stage tracking follows performers or presenters around a stage or event arena in three dimensions. It ensures actors voices are spatially reinforced in real-time as they move around the stage, maintaining realism, intelligibility and audience immersion.

As technology systems integrators, tm stagetec systems’ staff are experts in their field and the synergy between TiMax and tm stagetec systems is undeniable. Staff have undertaken training for TiMax products in Sydney from Out Board director Dave Haydon and are now well versed and ready to apply TiMax advanced technology and techniques to meet a multitude of client needs. As the company evolves, tm stagetec systems is proud to work with industry-leading, global brands such as TiMax to further offer the most innovative technology solutions to the Australian market.

Mark Lownds, general manager at tm stagetec systems, said: “We are thrilled to welcome TiMax into the tm stagetec systems’ suite of brands. The fit between our technology-driven ethos and the leading edge, high-quality technology offered by TiMax products is a perfect match. To say that we are excited to work further with this brand and offer our clients in the Australian market this reliable, high-quality product for outstanding audio in the live performance, event and experiential arenas is an understatement.”

In picture: Treva Head and Mark Lownds of tm stagetec systems with Out Board's Dave Haydon.

23rd August 2018

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