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TMB Introduces ProPlex Extended Length Ethernet Patch Cables

TMB Introduces ProPlex Extended Length Ethernet Patch Cables

TMB has introduced the first Ethernet patch cable with full, verified performance up to 100 metres. This unique, one-of-a-kind, stranded, flexible CAT6a patch cable is ideal for all portable networks up to 10-Gigabit, and features renowned ProPlex durability, reliability, handling, low skew, noise rejection, and data transmission characteristics.

In entertainment applications, ProPlex CAT6a Extended cable is especially useful for front of house cable runs, where the industry standard lengths for sound, lighting and video are typically either 100 metres or 300 feet. Prior to the introduction of this cable, no portable, stranded CAT6a or CAT5e cables providing 100% verified performance were available to support these lengths.

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience and over 15 million feet of ProPlex Data Cable sales, ProPlex CAT6a Extended combines the highest data transmission integrity with the ability to withstand the most extreme handling and conditions, indoors and outdoors. ProPlex CAT6a Extended is available to TMB’s professional customers as either raw cable or fully-assembled patch cables.

“ProPlex CAT6a Extended Length cable is a watershed,” says TMB sales manager, Stephanie Kilburg. “Ten-Gig speed over longer runs with proven ProPlex reliability and handling characteristics is a winner for portable networks everywhere. ProPlex cables are well known for holding up under rigorous conditions where other cables fail; and for maintaining excellent data integrity, even after many years of the physical stress of portable use.”

Kilburg adds: “All cables are not the same. ProPlex Data Cables are the standard to which all others are compared. The new, revolutionary ProPlex CAT6a Extended cable is shipping now.”

31st August 2018

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