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Eaton Zero 88 at PLASA 2018

Eaton Zero 88 at PLASA 2018

UK - Eaton’s leading lighting control brand Zero 88 celebrates a year since the launch of it's hugely successful FLX S range … of small, powerful and highly intuitive lighting consoles, ideal for small to medium shows utilizing a mix of moving lights and LED fixtures as well as conventional luminaires.

Capitalizing on the buzz and excitement of PLASA as an industry hub and meeting place at the start of the autumn touring and event season, PLASA visitors can meet the Zero 88 team on Stand N21 and help celebrate the phenomenal first year of FLX S where sales far exceeded initial expectations in some considerable style!

FLX S24 runs up to 48 LED, moving lights and conventional fixtures and is easy to learn and straightforward to use, delivering huge flexibility and multiple features at an affordable price. FLX S48 has double the power of FLX S24, offering intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output for quick access to palettes/show overview. The number of available playbacks, groups and palettes are all also doubled.

Both FLX S24 and S48 are ultimately portable, powerful controllers with a small footprint and free apps available for wireless monitoring of the lighting rig, plus support for a range of networking accessories.

Enthusiasm for the FLX S24 and FLX S48 consoles has been fantastic worldwide, across all Zero 88’s usual markets, and in other new regions including Japan, Australia and the US! There has been impressive uptake over multiple sectors, including TV and corporate events, fringe and experimental theatre.

Several large UK rental companies have invested in FLX S to service a diversity of work – notably Adlib, SLX and Hawthorn - and the number of active ZerOS* (the software architecture running on all Zero 88 consoles) users has doubled in a year!

PLASA is a chance for visitors to talk to the team about becoming part of the active “ZerOS” show lighting software family; joining the thousands of existing users and venues around the globe using their Zero 88 lighting desks to design multiple productions in an affordable, easy and fun way.

The team will be providing hands-on demos of the complete FLX range - The FLX S24 and FLX S48 consoles, the original FLX and the ZerOS Wing - and showcasing additions to the ever-expanding ZerOS software platform - including multiple advances in networking, improvements to Effects and increases in Universe Count.

The well-known “RigSync” demo can also be experienced - to understand why it won a PLASA Innovation Award! This incredibly useful feature automatically keeps the console synchronized with the lighting rig throughout all programming changes … and it even fixes mistakes!

Throughout the final day of PLASA - Tuesday 18th September – Eaton Zero 88 hosts free “drop-in” training sessions in the designated training areas upstairs, which are designed to familiarize interested parties with the basic operation of FLX consoles and philosophy of ZerOs software.

These are friendly, informal and informative … and will each run for 75 minutes. No booking is required, and interested parties can either rock up to the stand for further info or go directly to the Zero 88 training room.

A range of other cool and innovative Zero 88 products will also be on display, including Chilli Pro Bypass dimmers, a selection of networking and backup devices and power relays.

10th September 2018

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