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MDG at PLASA London 2018 Preview

MDG at PLASA London 2018 Preview

UK – MDG will be exhibiting on Stand D50 where it will be showing its WPE Series of IP55-rated weatherproof and dust-resistant haze and fog generators, which will be represented on the stand by the ATMe WPE haze generator and Me1 WPE and Me2 WPE fog generators. These rugged units are non-stop, variable output, ATMe haze and Me fog generators respectively, encased in a weatherproof enclosure. WPE versions of the extremely successful Me1 and Me2 fog generators were launched at Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt earlier this year, joining the already successful ATMe WPE to ensure the WPE Series provides the ideal fog and haze solutions for theme parks, outdoor laser shows and the enormous number of outdoor festivals around the world.

The outdoor units continue to be of particular interest to rental companies which supply a wide variety of outdoor events and need the security of a weatherproof generator with solid construction and reliable performance. The WPE versions provide exactly the same effects and control as the standard ATMe and Me Series versions, but without the need for recourse to temporary and insubstantial methods of weatherproofing.

MDG’s standard Me2 fog generator will be present on the PLASA stand, alongside the award-winning theONE dual mode haze and fog generator, theFAN digital fan and the ICE FOG Compack HP low fog generator. The latter will be demonstrated with the RFP (Round Floor Pocket) which won the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year 2018 in June.

The ABTT judges stated that it: “Solved the problem of how to get your low fog into those hard to reach places: the MDG DMX-controlled Round Floor Pocket works as a reversed trap, lifting a lid to allow ducted low fog and haze onto the stage.

“Suitable for integration into large touring stages, or those shows with longer runs that can accommodate routes sub-stage for fog and haze ducting, the stainless steel lid means that it is still suitable to stand on safely, and the DMX control easily integrates into haze and fog cues.”

The RFP (Round Floor Pocket) will be shown in conjunction with the RFP-CB Control Box, a DMX/RDM control box which can operate up to six Round Floor Pockets (RFP 239) in unison from a single control box using just one DMX channel.

ATMe WPE retains all ATMe’s characteristics and quality enabling it to create the finest, almost invisible mist which shows off laser and light beams to perfection. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Laboratory-tested, approved and certified, ATMe WPE offers IP55 protection against adverse weather and ingress of dust which can cause costly and time-consuming maintenance problems for long term installations in indoor and outdoor theme parks and attractions.

Meanwhile, its ATMe pedigree ensures it produces the finest haze and retains the qualities of safety and reliability, 100% duty cycle and the famous MDG APS (Automatic Purging System) that prevents residual build up and clogging, which are the hallmarks of all MDG haze and fog generators’ success.

ATMe WPE’s new exterior makes it ideally suited to the rigours of festivals, theme parks and attractions purposes and, in fact, meets most industry needs.

It can be controlled via DMX, is RDM-ready, and is suitable for use with CO2 or N2 gas. Its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz, 715W) and CE/CSA/US certification ensure it can be used worldwide.

Me2 is the powerful twin of the Me1 fog generator, housed in the same size chassis but with twice the power and a dual output delivering 200m3 (7,063 ft3) per minute. Like all members of the Me Series, it benefits from a 1% - 100% variable fog output, a 100% duty cycle and MDG’s famous APS (Automatic Purging System). Numerous control options are on-board as standard and include three standard USITT DMX512 channels, XLR-5 connectors, a four-button LCD user interface and RDM compliance.

TheONE is a fully digital atmospheric generator with revolutionary technology that allows the creation of fog and haze effects from the same generator. Its construction and features make it the perfect generator for rental houses and international touring.

It is compact and easy to handle, and practical for transportation with everything from the generator to the gas bottle and the 20l fluid bottle is housed in a riggable cradle which can be rolled into place or flown from the rig. TheONE gives autonomous control over both fog and haze output in one package!

RFP (Round Floor Pocket) is a DMX/RDM-operated pneumatic Round Floor Pocket of rugged construction which can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output. It is intended to operate under pneumatic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering low fog or fog to precise locations.

RFP (Round Floor Pocket) operates with carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) or compressed air. It is especially effective with MDG’s ICE FOG SERIES of low fog generators. It has a fog input of 23cm (9”), or an extension for a 13cm (5”) version, and a fog output with a choice of either 360° or, with the aid of an optional rear shield plate, 240° distribution for universal or targeted delivery. RFP (Round Floor Pocket) can be mounted vertically or horizontally and its height adjusted between 7.62cm (3”) and 10cm (4”) above stage level to allow an unobstructed, variable flow of low fog or fog.

Constructed of a black-coated stainless steel collar and top plate and durable PVC inset tube, the new RFP (Round Floor Pocket) has been re-engineered with a shorter 21.6cm (8.5inch) form factor than its predecessor, to occupy 35% less space under stage and, at 7kg (15.5lb), also offers a weight reduction of 47%. This guarantees considerable space- and weight-saving advantages which can be of great benefit in large scale touring environments or permanent installations.

With a low power consumption of only 50W, this pneumatic fog output can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz).

The RFP-CB is a DMX/RDM control box which can operate up to six Round Floor Pockets (RFP 239) in unison from a single control box using just one DMX channel, thus potentially reducing the cost of control hardware by up to 75%.

RFP-CB shares the same robust electronics as MDG’s theFAN, possessing a simple and efficient multi-level User Interface, accessible from the backlit LCD panel, which allows for a gradual switch between local mode and most common protocols: DMX-512-A USITT and RDM ANSI E1.20. RFP-CB can be used anywhere due to its universal switching power supply (100V- 250VAC/ 50/60Hz, 50W) and CE/CSA/UL certification.

ICE FOG Compack HP creates a thick low-lying fog with zero residue without the use of dry ice. It has an extremely low fluid consumption and adjustable fog density controllable via DMX. The ICE FOG Compack HP is supplied with a detachable remote control and 8m of cabling and comes housed in its own convenient flight case on wheels for easy transportation in a self-contained unit.

4th September 2018

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