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20m wide dome projections are the star of Russia – My History exhibition

20m wide dome projections are the star of Russia – My History exhibition
20m wide dome projections are the star of Russia – My History exhibition

Russia – Housed in Pavilion 57 at VDNH, Russia - My history presents key moments in the history of the Russian state. The museum wanted to bring this colourful history to life with interactive displays and impressive imagery using unusual and interesting multimedia. It developed the idea of installing a dome projection above the visitors’ route, not just to impress and engage visitors but also to create more space for exhibits in the museum.

Involving historians, artists, cinematographers, designers and computer graphics experts, the new exhibition tells the stories of Russia’s past using projection, interactive tables, dome projections and interactive books. A total of 89 short throw Full HD GT1070Xe projectors were installed to project onto screens, concave domes and interactive tables. Two Optoma Full HD projectors were employed per display for each of the 14 interactive books within the exhibition.

But the highlights of the newly refurbished exhibition are the two 20m wide 360º dome projections. One tells the story of Russia’s beloved saint, Sergius Radonezhsky, who was famous as a miracle worker and founded a number of monasteries, including the Trinity-Sergius Lavra near Moscow. The other depicts the tumultuous history of Russia in the 20th Century. Optoma’s high quality, bright ZU1050 laser projector combined with the BX-CTADOME lens were hidden within a column in the middle of the room and projected upwards into the huge cupolas.

Ivan Odintsov, executive director for Russia – My History, said: “The combination of the bright Optoma ZU1050 projector and the unique dome lens was very quick and easy to install and allowed us to use space that would otherwise be empty. By not needing any additional equipment or warping software made this not only simple and reliable to use, but also a more affordable solution for the dome projection.”

The renovated exhibition has transformed Russian history from a black-and-white textbook into a bright, fascinating experience. Ivan said: “The exhibits that really impress visitors are the dome projections which allow us to convey our stories in a very unique way. Dome projection is still very unusual to see in Russia.”

22nd February 2019

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