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Bandit Lites Makes Substantial Investment in Robe Fixtures for 2019 Touring Season

USA – To meet the growing demand for a bustling 2019 touring season, Bandit Lites recently added a large quantity of new Robe fixtures including Robe BMFL WashBeams, MegaPointes and Spikie to its touring catalogue.

“The Robe BMFL WashBeam, Spikie and MegaPointes continue to be the industry standard, so it only makes sense to add them to our inventory,” said Bandit Lites technical service director Jake Tickle.

These fixtures will be featured on numerous upcoming Bandit Lites gigs including lighting designer Dave Butzler’s rig for The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour, designer Nick Whitehouse’s design for Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty 360 Tour and designer Chris Lisle’s rig for Chris Young’s Raised on Country tour.

The BMFL WashBeam, dubbed the ‘strong-arm of the BMFL family’ by Robe, boasts features such as a super wide front lens, animation wheel and newly developed framing shutters, while the Spikie is a super-fast, small LED wash beam. The updated MegaPointe provides a compact fixture complete with gobo projection, precise movements, smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming along with beam splitting, wash and shaping effects.

“Through the years, Bandit Technical Services and Robe have had a strong relationship which I attribute to the support team lead by Ambrose Gumbs,” finished Tickle. “We look forward to deploying this new fleet of Robe on upcoming shows and having our designers do with they do best with some of the best tools in the industry.”

26th February 2019

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