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ESTA’s Control Protocols Satisfaction Survey – Help Define Control Systems Interoperability

ESTA’s Control Protocols Satisfaction Survey – Help Define Control Systems Interoperability

The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) Technical Standards Program (TSP) is pleased to announce a Control Protocols Satisfaction Survey project to gather public input from end users about their usage of control protocols in the entertainment industry. The survey may be accessed at

This survey was commissioned by the TSP’s Control Protocols Working Group (CPWG) and seeks to understand how well lighting control protocols are serving end users. The CPWG is the working group that develops control technologies you use every day, like DMX512, RDM, and sACN, although the survey includes questions on other industry protocols as well.

Survey questions determining what features are currently being used and what challenges have been encountered comprise much of the survey. However, other sections of the survey are more focused on determining if our control protocols are making your job easier and what you would like to see developed in the future to make your hectic production lives easier.

All responses are anonymous, and the survey can be completed in 10 minutes or less. The CPWG will use this information to help improve current protocols and to shape the direction of any protocols developed in the future.

Please join us in making our industry better by completing the survey at In addition to manufacturers who design products, we're especially interested in participation by entertainment professionals who use these protocols. If you have any questions or wish to make additional comments, please contact the survey’s organizers at

The ESTA Technical Standards Program is the only ANSI-accredited standards program dedicated to the needs of the entertainment technology industry. The standards created under the TSP are used directly or indirectly every day by almost every manufacturer, dealer, installer, production company, and end user. These standards prevent accidents, protect lives and property, save time and money, solve problems, inform the industry, and enhance creativity.

The TSP is comprised of more than 350 volunteer experts who devote time and knowledge to drafting American National Standards for the benefit of the whole entertainment technology industry. While the CPWG is always interested in any new member who wishes to join the group (information on getting involved with the TSP is available at, we are particularly interested in recruiting new members from dealer/rental companies and the lighting design community.

27th February 2019

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