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Fiftieth Annual Country Radio Seminar Brightened by Bandit Lites

USA – Country Radio Broadcasters held its annual Country Radio Seminar (CRS) with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites. The storied three-day event kicked off on 13th February and featured panels of key business leaders, educational programming, presentations on new technology, business practices, and personal career development topics along with new music showcases.

Bandit Lites had previously worked as a sub rental vendor last year, but lighting designer Keith Hoagland reached out to Bandit vice president Mike Golden about doing the event in its entirety for the 50th anniversary celebration.

“I really needed a vendor from start to finish to come in and just knock it out of the ballpark,” Hoagland said, “And yes, that is exactly what Bandit Lites has done for me this year. The team, starting with Mike Golden going to project manager, Donnie Lockridge, with the prep and then right into the event with Ty Veneziano and Patrick Cowden, they’re all stars! This event ran smooth from the very start, and I want to thank DeLux Productions and Scot and Julie DeVos for allowing me bring in such a great vendor and two amazing techs for us to use this week.”

Hoagland was intentional about designing a versatile rig for the New Faces Showcase which included performances from Jimmie Allen, Russel Dickerson, LANCO, Dylan Scott and Lindsay Ell.

Bandit supplied more than 160 fixtures for the event including VL 3500 Spots, VL 2500 Spots, GLP X4S, GLP X4 Bar 20, Ayrton MagicPanel 602 and Bandit’s exclusive line of GRNLite Par 64s.

“I also have to make the room decor come alive as well, so fixture choice and placement has been key to make all element work together to make a special and annual event different this year since they are celebrating 50 years of CRS.”

Hoagland chose GLP X4S wash for size and output, placing them in tight space while still getting movement and coverage as the base colour unit. GLP X4 Bar 20 units were added to give a nice smooth wash from the top, placed on the downstage truss and focused on the main stage area with their wide zoom.

“They provided nice coverage but also a smooth, even colour wash for the main stage,” he said.

One challenge Hoagland had to contend with was keeping levels even and rich for the IMAG cameras noting, “Video is very important to everyone these days and the VL2500 and VL3500 units worked well with facial front light and balancing levels.”

VL 3500 Spots were also chosen specifically for their gobo choice and ability shutter down, giving Hoagland the ability to carve the walls and areas he wanted in the main ballroom.

“VL 3500 Spots are well used and are great workhorses,” he said before adding, “The VL 2500 was my go to unit for this setup. They have great color, nice gobo choices and they paint haze and air will well. For their size and weight, they fit perfect within the stage foot print and rigging restrictions.”

Ayrton’s MagicPanel 602 units provided the candy looks for camera shots, filling the black void around the stage, while Elation Sixpar units surrounded the main ballroom area with up lighting and tone trussing.

Hoagland also upped the ante for the 50th CRS by doing away with a bulky spotlight tower, choosing instead to use a Follow-Me system, a decision made easier with the knowledge that Bandit’s techs are well versed with the technology.

“Pat Cowden has become quite the Follow-Me tech for me over the past few years,” said Hoagland, “so we decided to try something new and that has never been done before for CRS: not have a spotlight tower. My choice of light for this event was a VL3500 spot. It has done quite well for use in the application.”

“This event is special to me because I was able to work with both Keith Hoagland and Scott DeVos at the same time,” finished Mike Golden. “I’ve known both gentlemen since I first moved to Nashville and we share a rich history together; we have been working with Keith for a number of years as his role of Jason Aldean’s lighting director but this is the first opportunity I have had to work with Scott, and for me, it was an honor. From the initial design through the final load out, Keith and Scott have been incredibly organised, positive and focused on delivering a beautiful and smooth event. On behalf of all at Bandit Lites I want to thank them both and I look extremely forward to working with them in the future.”

20th February 2019

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