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LITEC RL76 Double Pitch Roof

LITEC RL76 Double Pitch Roof

The LITEC RL76 double pitch roof is the exciting evolution of the RL105 double pitch roof.

Designed for high loading capacity and long spans, but with an eye on your budget, it's an attractive structure that adds a nice touch to outdoor events, as well as providing increased resistance to high wind loads.

Scaleable from 18m x 16m to 21m x 16m, and up to 15m in height, it’s the perfect choice for medium-sized outdoor events. Constructed with rectangular RL76A high load aluminium truss with steel fork connections, it provides high loading capacity on medium-long spans.

Key benefits:

  • 18 x 16 metres to 21 x 16 metres
  • Ten to 15 metres in height

  • Constructed from LITEC’s RL76A high load, anti-torsion aluminium truss with 50mm x 4mm chords, 30mm x 3mm diagonals, and 50mm x 4mm braces

  • RL76 supplied with steel fork connection system

  • Six Maxitower 52 towers

  • 9,000 kg UDL (18 x 16m) or 7,150 UDL (21 x 16m)

  • Optional PA/LED WALL wings

  • Covered technical areas available on request

  • Eight hour set-up time with six riggers (18 x 16m) or ten hour set-up time with six riggers (21 x 16m)

13th February 2019

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