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Prolights illuminates the Elle ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ Awards

Prolights illuminates the Elle ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ Awards

Spain – Sincronismo Events s.l. lit up the Elle Magazine awards at the famous El Istante Fundación in Madrid.

The ‘Elle Girls Can Do Anything’ event celebrated the achievements of women in the areas of interpretation, literature, fashion, sports and gastronomy. Nine women were presented awards for achievement by highly-coveted women from each discipline and celebrated throughout the night.

Jose Miguel Royo, CEO of Sincronismo events who were tasked with producing the impressive event, is widely known as one of the best lighting designers in Europe. His taste and style are reflective of the trends throughout the fashion and design sector and made him the perfect choice. Royo undertook the design of this prestigious awards event that took place in October which conveys his passionate for wireless lighting and is an advocate of the Prolights products, not only due to their quality, but also with the level of professional support they received.

The event was truly a work of art. The 20 Gallery Eclipse BNW units showed off the beautiful controllable beam and high CRI source elegantly illuminating the architecture and design.

The Luma1500SH was chosen for the custom optical system that promised consistent output across the entire 5-50 degree zoom range. To complement this arrangement, the Ruby BK was used in its capacity as a compact beam light and proved very popular in cutting through even the brightest areas of the stages.

Also used on this event was the super-slim Lumipar 18QPRO wash light and the small-yet-mighty ArcLED 4312WX, famed for lasting longer than most other battery-operated fixtures whilst offering no compromise on the output.

26th February 2019

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