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Robert Juliat Lancelot parties with Ivete Sangalo in Sao Paulo

Robert Juliat Lancelot parties with Ivete Sangalo in Sao Paulo
Robert Juliat Lancelot parties with Ivete Sangalo in Sao Paulo

Brazil – Brazilian superstar, Ivete Sangalo, entertained a massive crowd of 55,000 at the Allianz Park in one of the world’s largest cities, Sao Paulo on 8 December 2018. The show was filmed for her latest DVD release, Ivete Sangalo Live Experience, and lit by co-lighting designers and programmers, Paulinho Lebrão and Guillermo Herrero, who chose four Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000W HTI followspots to highlight the singer across the massive stadium.

Sangalo is a multi-talented, multi award-winning performer with 22 albums, 15 million sales, 51 million social media followers, and over 150 national and international awards to her name. To make this star shine even brighter, Lebrão needed an extra special followspot.

Lancelot is a very special fixture,” confirms Daniel Ridano, CEO at Lighting Bits, RJ’s Brazilian distributor. “It is a unique product that combines quality, power, functionality and precision into a followspot that is by far the best in its segment.”

The four Lancelot followspots were supplied by rental company, LPL Professional Lighting, and rigged on two towers located 70m from the stage. It was here that Lancelot’s 2°-5° zoom optics came into their own: “When we began the project, we did not know what the front of house installation would be like, or even if we would have towers,” says Lebrão, “so we chose the Lancelot because we knew it would be able to cope easily with the enormous throw distances, whether we had towers or would need to position them further away. Lancelot has the versatility to work at both extreme and medium distances.” The choice was an obvious success with the star highlighted to perfection within Lebrão’s stunning light show, both in the stadium and on the recording.

This is not the first time Lebrão has used Lancelot in live performance and under filming conditions. “The first time I used a Lancelot was in Spain at the shoot of Alejandro Sanz's DVD in Seville,” he says. Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish guitarist and singer-songwriter with three Grammy Awards and 17 Latin Grammy Awards to his name. “I was extremely impressed with the Lancelots because they were about 110m away from the stage and they worked extremely well and looked great on camera too!”

Everybody, from designers to technicians to operators, is always incredibly impressed with the Lancelots’ performance,” confirms Ridano. “We are seeing several of the larger Brazilian hire companies invest in a substantial stock of these followspots which are perfect for all sizes of shows and venues.”

photos: Bruno Polengo

1st February 2019

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