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Tempest Gets Zen with Latest Enclosure

Tempest Gets Zen with Latest Enclosure

Tempest has announced the launch of its Zen enclosures, the latest family of Tempest’s world-beating noise-attenuating Hush Boxes for projectors from 10,000-30,000 ANSI lumens. Zen is fully self-contained, with no external air ducts, making it much easier to install, especially in historic buildings such as theatres and concert halls, where new ductwork may not be possible. Innovative variable-speed fan control and internal baffle design delivers noise attenuation around 25dBA for most projector types, and the user can tune the system for a preferred trade-off between acoustic and cooling performance.

“Especially in Europe, where there are so many historic venues, Zen is a necessary installation-friendly addition to our enclosure range, delivering whisper-quiet performance for indoor video projection,” says Tim Burnham, Tempest’s president. “We know how challenging some projector installations can be. Thanks to Zen’s stand-alone design, integrators have one fewer aspect to worry about, with no air ducts required. As every project is different, integrators will also welcome the ability to fine-tune the enclosure settings, enabling the prioritisation of either noise attenuation or increased cooling performance depending on requirements.”

Zen is available in three standard sizes, covering most projectors from 10,000 to 30,000 lumens in landscape format. Tempest also offers its conventional Tacit indoor enclosures, with a host of customizable options, including portrait and Ultra-Short-Throw versions.

California-based Tempest is the world's premier manufacturer of specialist outdoor enclosures and indoor HUSH boxes for digital projectors. Patented Digital Enclosure Control technology keeps equipment cool when it's hot, warm when it's cold, and prevents harmful condensation.

Zen will be available for installations from Spring 2019.

27th February 2019

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