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WORK PRO Launches The LS-Node Range of DMX Streaming Devices

WORK PRO Launches The LS-Node Range of DMX Streaming Devices

WORK PRO, the installation, pro audio and lighting division of Equipson, has launched a new range of multi-protocol DMX streaming devices that support industry standards ArtNet and sACN and are fully compatible with WORK PRO’s groundbreaking LightShark DMX-based hardware lighting consoles.

Gathered under the generic name of LS-NODE, the range includes three different models: LS-Node1, LS-Node2 and LS-Node4, with each number representing the amount of freely configurable DMX universes that model can support.

Every model in the LS-Node series features several modes of use including standard mode, with ArtNet/sACN inputs and DMX outputs and merger, where the LS-Node can receive different universes via ArtNet/sACN and merge them in the same DMX output.

To ensure peace of mind during a live event, all models incorporate a backup mode feature that allows them to detect any loss of connection between consoles when both consoles are connected to the LS-Node via ArtNet/sACN. Should this happen, LS-Node will automatically switch from the primary to the backup console with a maximum latency of just three seconds. There is also a web-configurable DMX to ArtNet/sACN transceiver mode, which is only available with LS-Node1 and LS-Node2.

All LS-Node products come with an integrated Ethernet switch with two ports, enabling configuration and management, including firmware upgrades, to be carried out via a webserver. This makes it very easy for users to set up a range of parameters such as DMX frame rate (from 15 to 40 frames/s), independent DMX port routing (any universe can be routed to any of the DMX ports independently) and modes of use.

Designed with practicality in mind, WORK PRO’s new LS-Node devices are ultra small and available in the same quarter-rack format as the company’s original LS-Core, thus ensuring that four units can be rack mounted in IU of space using an optional LS-19AR rack chassis. They are powered via a compact USB-C connector with a cable lock to prevent accidental removal, and they also support PoE power, which is helpful when used in installations.

26th February 2019

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