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Penn Elcom Provides Perfect Fit with New WeatherSeal Flightcase Latches

Penn Elcom Provides Perfect Fit with New WeatherSeal Flightcase Latches
Penn Elcom Provides Perfect Fit with New WeatherSeal Flightcase Latches

Penn Elcom launches a new range of its famous MOL automatic positioning latches, and lid-stay hinges utilising the innovative WeatherSeal technology.

This helps create seamless flightcase latches and hinges that help close the lids even tighter, eliminating any gaps, making the case interior dust and water resistant, keeping the contents safer and protected from ingress when closed.

Manufactured using Penn’s latest CNC technology, flightcases can be safer and more secure than ever before using these new MOL latches and lid stays.

The latch is mounted in a generous recessed dish for use on large-sized cases. Tough PennBrite zinc plating offers excellent protection against corrosion and gives that cool distinctive PennBrite finish which is used on most of Penn’s flightcase components and exudes quality and robustness.

The fixing holes are 10mm (3/8 of an inch) away from the central split of the dish, making it perfect for use with hybrid edge extrusions.

Historically, with latches, hinges or lids, there has always been a little gap where the two pieces of extrusion meet, and this allowed for routine irregularities in the machining process whereby some pieces might be randomly a little bigger or smaller.

When swapping lids between identical cases, that gap was always necessary to make sure any lid would theoretically fit any case.

With the gap no longer necessary, any free lifting lid will fit any case and users can mix and match freely and with confidence! Hinged lids work in the same way using pairs of latches and lid-stay hinges.

Penn Elcom’s recent investments worldwide in new CNC machining resources has enabled the manufacture of these case elements to such accuracy that the size variation can be eliminated, leaving no need for the ‘tolerance gap’ and the lids can be closed super tightly, attaining the dust and water resistant WeatherSeal status.

Engaging in constant dialogue with numerous flightcase manufacturers, users and many companies building their own cases, Penn has listened closely to their demands, ideas and suggestions, and energised their R&D team to develop this ground-breaking new case accessory technology and process.

WeatherSeal is set to become a new standard as Penn continues to pioneer in this specialist market.

Globally, the Penn Elcom MOL name is synonymous with high quality and dependability. Invented in 1995, the MOL range of fight case latches and hinges revolutionised the industry and redefined standards in fightcase locking.

This new generation of MOL latches is designed with a cantilever automatic open and close function, making locking and unlocking cases a whole lot easier, even with one hand or in the dark!

Now with WeatherSeal manufacturing, MOL is taken to more new levels.

WeatherSeal Penn products will be of specific interest to rental, staging, AV, lighting, video and audio companies regularly working on all types of outdoor events – from concerts and festivals to spectaculars, corporate events etc., and also any projects involving flightcased equipment in humid or moist environments from palm houses to swimming pools.

21st March 2019

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